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'Pretty Little Liars' post-mortem: Ian Harding, Marlene King talk Ezra and the difference between Original 'A' and Uber 'A'

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What do you have to say about the theories that Red Coat is actually a good force trying to help the Liars?
Spencer said last night, she thinks Red Coat was Ali, and if you go back and you look at the episode when they walk into Ezra’s lair, someone is watching them behind that painting and you see a very pretty blue familiar eye. One might decide that Red Coat was Ali.

And Uber “A” believes that Ali is alive. That’s the drive behind all of this, right?
Yes, and he’s been tracking her.

People have brought up the “A” train from last year with Ezra showing up after Aria was nearly killed. Was Ezra behind that, or did Wilden piss him off by going after his girl?
Well I think there are also two entities working there. There is the Uber “A” entity but there were also the N.A.T. Club members on that train, and so there may have been dueling nemesis on that train who had desire to harm the PLLs.

Speaking of the N.A.T. Club, are we going to see Wren and Melissa in 4B?
Not just yet. Both of those actors are working on other things, so they’re not living in our world right now, but we’re very much keeping those characters alive.

Let’s talk Maggie: Was she a separate thing completely from Uber “A,” or does she somehow play into it? Will we find that out?
Yep, we will see more of Maggie in 4B.

Were the black suits something we were supposed to recognize?
It’s a clue. It will pay off later.

Another mystery: Are we going to get to the bottom of who killed Wilden?
Yes! Yes, definitely.

In 4B?
I think the “Is Ali alive?” really takes over in 4B and “Who is Uber ‘A’?” and “Is Uber ‘A’ close to finding Ali, so we need to find her first” takes over in 4B, and that sort of trumps all other mysteries for a while.

So can we expect some Ezra flashbacks?
Yea! Well Hanna took something from that lair when they walked in there, and that something is revealed in the 4B premiere, and that becomes a great vehicle for the girls to find out more answers about Uber “A” and Alison.

Has Ezra always had people doing his dirty work? Has he ever put on the gloves or gotten his hands dirty so to speak?
You will have to see!

Mrs. Grunwald mentioned a betrayer among the girls, and fans are going crazy with Aria theories. What do you say to them?
Everybody is a suspect in Rosewood. We say that a lot, but it’s true. Everybody’s a suspect in Rosewood. And we always say things aren’t as they appear to be. We have fun with that theme a lot.

Speaking of suspects, what’s up with Mrs. D? Is Emily still staying with her?
I think she was sufficiently creeped out enough by Mrs. D to move out; I think she’s been staying with Spencer.

Can we expect some answers on why Mrs. D is so creepy?
Yes. Yes. Absolutely.

Let’s end with a Ravenswood tease. What does it mean for Haleb, and what can you tease about this complicated little town?
It’s a complicated little town. By day it seems like a lovely place to live but as the sun sets a different flavor, a shadow really falls over the town, and we’re having so much fun bringing it to life. There are just such unique, rich, delicious characters. We’re filming the first episode right now, and it’s a sad parting for Hanna and Caleb, but the actors are really excited for this journey that Tyler [Blackburn] is going on, and we’re leaving the door open. Rosewood and Ravenswood are only a 90-minute drive from each other, and we’re leaving that door open in terms of story as we go down the line. We’re really excited to bring this darker more haunted town to life with Ravenswood.

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