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Jon Hamm shows ALL the emotions in 'Sesame Street' clip -- VIDEO


Don Draper may not be in touch with his emotions, but Jon Hamm certainly is.

The actor — sporting a not-Draper-approved beard — stopped by Sesame Street to explain various complex emotions, like ‘guilty’ or ‘frustrating,’ to Murray. Next stop: Exploiting those emotions while thinking up an ad campaign.

This isn’t the first time Hamm has shown up on Sesame Street; last year, he also helped out Elmo (wearing the same outfit he wore for this appearance). This time around, in addition to explaining something, he even managed to charm his way through knowledge of the alphabet. Watch below: READ FULL STORY

'My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic': Rainbow Dash is put to the test -- EXCLUSIVE

All Rainbow Dash  really wants is to become a member of the Wonderbolts Reserves — an exclusive group of Pegasus ponies. In order to make the grade, though, she’ll have to pass a tricky entrance exam — which may end up being tougher than she thought. (Even Twilight’s foolproof study methods aren’t doing the trick; who woulda thunk?)

Can Rainbow pull herself together and ace the toughest test she’s ever taken? We’ll find out Saturday; in the meantime, here’s an exclusive clip from the episode.


Marvel's 'Avengers Assemble' meets Guardians of the Galaxy -- EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK


You won’t get to see live-action versions of Guardians of the Galaxy and The Avengers until August and May 2015, respectively — but fans of Marvel’s Avengers Assemble can catch both groups of superheros in Sunday’s episode, “Guardians and Space Knights.” Just how do they all come into contact? Here’s Marvel’s official description: READ FULL STORY

Kelly Osbourne joins Disney's 'The 7D' cast

Kelly Osbourne is taking her talents — more specifically, her voice — to Disney as the newest member of the The 7D cast.


'Turbo Fast' clip: See what Turbo and Skidmark are up to -- VIDEO

Kids deserve to binge on TV House of Cards-style too, right? But because Cards and Orange is the New Black aren’t exactly G-rated, Netflix launched a Dreamworks-produced animated series called Turbo Fast about a team of action-oriented snails just for kids. READ FULL STORY

Viral sensation Kid President gets TV series on Hub Network -- VIDEO


Robby Novak, a.k.a. Kid President, a.k.a. the cutest kid ever, posted a YouTube video Wednesday announcing some, as he says, “big news, big news!”: Kid President is getting his very own TV show beginning this summer.


'My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic': Is Applejack full of flimflam? EXCLUSIVE

Uh oh: The Flim Flam brothers are back. And this time, the Apple family may be falling under their spell.

Though Applejack remains suspicious of the shady pair in this week’s My Little Pony, Granny Smith takes a few sips of their “Cure-All Tonic” — and says, much to Applejack’s surprise, that the remedy actually worked. Could it be that the Mane Six has been wrong about the bros all along? (Yeah, probably not.)


Kids' Choice Awards: And the Nickelodeon Lifetime Achievement Award goes to... Dan Schneider!


Dan Schneider is the man behind nine of Nickelodeon’s most memorable shows, from All That to iCarly, and now the showrunner is getting recognized for his 20 years of work at the network with their very first Lifetime Achievement Award.

Schneider will be presented with the award at this Saturday’s Kids’ Choice Awards — an honor Schneider is overjoyed to receive, but also a bit confused by. “At first, I felt like, aren’t I too young for a lifetime achievement award?” the 48-year-old tells EW.

The self-described “perpetual adolescent” also talked about what set prop he’d keep if his house was on fire, why he won’t do another All That reboot, and his feelings on Nickelodeon’s notorious slime. Check out our interview with him below: READ FULL STORY

'iCarly' favorites join 'Sam & Cat' for special episode -- EXCLUSIVE CLIP


As if the Kids’ Choice Awards airing Saturday night wasn’t enough good TV for one night, Nickelodeon is also airing a special hour-long episode of Sam & Cat before the awards show.

In the episode, iCarly regulars show up — but it’s not a happy reunion for everyone. Nora (Danielle Morrow), the “#SuperPsycho” referred to in the episode’s title, plots revenge on Sam (Jennette McCurdy), as Nevel (Reed Alexander) tries to help Sam and Cat (Ariana Grande) escape her wrath.

“It’s just a really fun, big episode where we brought back some of the fans’ favorite characters from the past to join Sam and Cat,” showrunner Dan Schneider tells EW. “I think the audience will go nuts over it.” READ FULL STORY

Draculaura leaves for Transvylvania in 'Monster High' teaser -- EXCLUSIVE

No one likes getting left behind, especially werewolves who need to be taken care of. So when Monster High‘s Draculaura tells her werewolf boyfriend that she’s going to Transylvania to claim her title as vampire queen, he’s not thrilled. “Who will take me on walks?” Claude the werewolf whimpers. Poor guy.

The clip comes from Monster High‘s latest direct-to-DVD release, Monster High: Frights, Camera, Action! The movie follows Draculaura’s trip to Transylvania, where she travels thinking she’s getting the throne — until she arrives and finds that she has a long way to go before being crowned queen.

The DVD is out today. Check out the clip below:


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