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Marvel expands Infinite with 'Ultimate Spider-Man'

Two years after launching its Infinite line of digital comics, Marvel Entertainment said it intends to expand the line’s offerings with its first all-ages titles as it moves to attract younger readers familiar with characters like Spider-Man from animated television shows.

Announced Sunday at the annual South by Southwest event in Austin, Texas, Marvel editor-in-chief Axel Alonso and Kristin Vincent, the vice president of its digital products, called the new Marvel Universe Ultimate Spider-Man digital title the publisher’s first for kids in the Infinite format.

“We’re trying to reach the next generation of comics fans,” Vincent said. “These stories resonate with kids.”

By taking tales from the television series of the same name, the publisher hopes the digital comics will find an audience in kids who are more used to reading on a tablet than traditional paper.

“The story telling just lends itself naturally to a tablet. Images replace the other images,” she said, adding that while it’s not animation, the pages and story are bright, vivid and redolent of what kids see on television.

With the Infinite format — a digital-only medium that features stories and art native to digital readers — Alonso believes kids will get their first hands-on experience with comics in a way more akin to what they’ve experienced with TV.

“It will excite them and it’s in a format they understand,” he said of the title, which is due out later this year and will eventually be available in more than 10 languages around the globe.

The stories feature writers known to readers of traditional comics, including Eugene Son, Matt Kindt, Cullen Bunn and Tim Seeley, along with artists Luciano Vecchio and Soutchey Leimetry and storyboards by J.L. Mast and Geoffrey Beaulieu.

Like the ongoing TV series on Disney XD, the Infinite series will focus on Peter Parker and his adventures as Spider-Man. It will also feature other teenage heroes, too, including Iron Fist, Power Man, White Tiger and Nova, Alonso said.

“This is going to be the first time that our Infinite Comics format will feature Spider-Man and the team of young heroes. It’s… a very diverse, multi-ethnic cast with very different power sets,” he said. “All of them are going to appeal to very different types of kids.”

'Baby-sitters Club' author Ann M. Martin talks tackling autism in new novel, 'Rain Reign': EXCLUSIVE


There’s much more to Ann M. Martin than the bestselling Baby-sitters Club books. An extraordinarily prolific author, she’s penned over a dozen novels for young readers over the past 10 years — though perhaps none as topical as her latest, Rain Reign. The story follows 11-year-old Rose Howard, a bright fifth grader who’s obsessed with homonyms, rule-following, and her dog Rain — her only true friend, since Rose’s high-functioning autism makes it difficult for her to relate to other people. When a devastating superstorm hits Rose’s hometown and Rain goes missing, she goes on a quest to find her companion — and ends up uncovering secrets that will change her world forever.

Get a first glimpse at the novel’s cover above, and read on to see what Martin has to say about her inspiration for the book, its connection to her own dearly departed dog — and where she thinks one unforgettable Baby-sitters Club character may have ended up.


See William Joyce's holiday 'Mischievians' -- EXCLUSIVE


In October, Academy Award-winning author William Joyce released The Mischievians, a book about those tiny creatures that create, well, mischief and make life annoying. (See: The Remote Toter, who steals the TV remote, or The Endroller, who uses up all the toilet paper. I can confirm these creatures are living in my apartment, so they must be real.)

With Christmas just around the corner, Joyce created three brand new, holiday-themed Mischievians. Take a look at the creatures, complete with descriptions written by Joyce himself. These new Mischievians may not bring holiday cheer, but they can certainly be the scapegoats for all of the holiday mischief in your home!

UP NEXT: The Treedeedle De-Delighter

Julianne Moore on the new app for her 'Freckleface Strawberry' series

Before Hollywood stardom, actress Julianne Moore was just a little girl with a mane of red hair and a face covered in freckles nicknamed “Freckleface Strawberry” by her playmates.

Since then, she’s turned her childhood memories into a bestselling children’s book series starring the spunky 7-year-old Freckleface Strawberry. In the first book, Freckleface tries desperately to erase her freckles and must learn to accept herself and her appearance. In later books, she learns similarly important life lessons through humorous — and touching — adventures with her friends.

The character’s stories have inspired a musical, as well as two apps (with Moore’s daughter Liv voicing Freckleface): Monster Maker, a mix-and-match game, and the just-released Dreamtime Playtime, an app that not only allows children ages 4 and up to play games, but also practice basic math skills like counting and matching. Moore also signed a five-book deal with Random House Children’s Books, and her Freckleface Strawberry series will enter the publisher’s Step into Reading program, aimed at children starting to read.

Moore talked to EW about Freckleface’s appeal, how her childhood experiences inspire her ideas (hint: dodgeball was a challenge), and how the new app attracts children to math: READ FULL STORY

'Five, Six, Seven, Nate!': read an exclusive excerpt from Tim Federle's kid-gone-Broadway sequel

Nate Foster is back! In Tim Federle’s followup to reader-favorite Better Nate than Never, his spirited protagonist is getting busy making his Broadway dreams a reality. Five, Six, Seven, Nate! finds Nate with a one-way ticket to New York, a role in (the fictional) E.T.: The Broadway Musical and, possibly, a new secret admirer.

Five, Six, Seven, Nate! is due for release January 21, 2014, with early readers already calling for an encore. Catch up with Nate as he prepares for his big debut in the exclusive excerpt below:


See 'Very Hungry Caterpillar' author Eric Carle's latest work -- EXCLUSIVE


Hungry for more gorgeous, hand-painted collagework from Laura Ingalls Wilder Medal winner Eric Carle? You’re in luck!

The beloved illustrator has collaborated with 13 other award-winning children’s book artists — including Elephant and Piggie creator Mo Willems, Max and Ruby creator Rosemary Wells, and Jon Klassen of I Want My Hat Back fame — for a brand new picture book called What’s Your Favorite Animal, Carle’s first new work in two years. In this anthology, each artist gets two pages to draw and describe his or her own favorite animal; picks run the gamut from predictable (a giraffe) to decidedly whimsical (an “Amazonian Neotropical Lower River Tink-Tink). All royalties from the book will be donated to The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art in Amherst, Mass., not far from Carle’s old home in Northampton.

Want to know which critter Carle chose to highlight? Hint: It’s not the caterpillar.


Mary Grandpre talks 'Harry Potter' and new children's book


If you think about it, dreamland is kind of like the magical world of Harry Potter. Whimsy is encouraged, and it can seem like anything is possible. So it’s no surprise that Mary GrandPré — the American Harry Potter illustrator whose jewel tones and bright swirls are synonymous with a certain boy wizard for a generation of kids — would be drawn to the real-life dream world in Jennifer Dewing’s latest children’s book, Goodnight Little Elizabeth.

The “Elizabeth” moniker is changeable to your child’s name, making each story about going off to bed a personalized keepsake. “I was hired to create all the pictures and design the book so that various names and name sizes could be incorporated throughout the book,” GrandPré explained to EW. “There has to be enough places for a long name and then a shorter name. A lot of the artwork was done on separate boards so that they could be pieced together according to the child’s name. Every book is printed and put together one at a time as a special order item. So the book you have [Elizabeth] lays out differently than a book with the name ‘Sue’ or ‘Jeff.’ [This uniqueness] is a first time experience for me.”

Read on for a Q&A where GrandPré discusses how her illustrations come together, her aesthetic and even her memories about Potter. READ FULL STORY

'The Art of Archie': See classic comic covers from new collection -- EXCLUSIVE


Wish you could go back to a simpler time when everything was swell, kids called their junky cars “jalopies,” and mainstream feminism was nothing but a housewife’s distant fever dream? This new Archie Comics art book has you covered.

The Art of Archie: The Covers follows in the footsteps of last year’s The Art of Betty & Veronica, celebrating more than 70 years of teenage hijinks by collecting some of the venerable franchise’s most memorable covers. Warning: Thumbing through these images, which were selected by both Archie fans and the comic’s creators, will make you feel nostalgic — even if your own adolescence began long after Archie’s first published appearance. (Archie Andrews made his debut in 1941, alongside Betty Cooper. Take that, Veronica!)

'The Battle for WondLa': Cover art finally revealed -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO


After weeks of teasing on his Twitter, Instagram and website, Tony DiTerlizzi is finally ready to reveal the cover art for The Battle for WondLa, the highly anticipated third and final installment in his WondLa trilogy. Readers last saw Eva Nine finding a darker side of New Attica — but what kind of “battle” can they expect to see in DiTerlizzi’s conclusion?

Search for hints in the book’s enticing cover art, revealed exclusively to EW in the video below — in which DiTerlizzi also outlines his creative process for illustrating The Battle for WondLa.


Celebrate 1 million 'My Little Ponies' with commemorative comic cover -- EXCLUSIVE

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood: My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic‘s comic book spinoff has sold one million copies!

To celebrate, Hasbro and IDW Publishing will print a special commemorative cover for the comic’s upcoming 12th issue. Only 12 of these covers will be printed — so keep an eye out for messages from IDW and Hasbro, who will reveal how fans can get their hooves on a copy.

Get a glimpse at artist Andy Price’s self-referential work below.


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