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The 'Artemis Fowl' movie: Let's dream-cast it!


The Weinstein Company and Walt Disney Studios recently announced that they’re teaming up to adapt Eoin Colfer’s Artemis Fowl for the big screen. Written by Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix screenwriter Michael Goldenberg and executive produced by Robert De Niro and Jane Rosenthal, the film will combine the first two books in the eight-book series into one story. Readers young and old of the popular sci-fi/fantasy YA series have been waiting for the Fowl film adaptation since 2001 when Miramax purchased the films rights. After 12 years of watching it languish in development hell, we have more than a few ideas about who should play the live-action version of Colfer’s beloved characters. READ FULL STORY

'Equestria Girls': Go behind the scenes of 'My Little Pony' spinoff in exclusive clip


Missed Equestria Girls — the hominid spinoff of My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic — when it galloped into theaters earlier this summer, and can’t wait to watch it on TV this September?

You’re in luck: The full-length film’s DVD and Blu-ray debut is just one week away.

The home release includes a stable of special features, including karaoke songs, a “ponify yourself” game, a printable movie poster — and a behind-the-scenes doc that explains how FIM‘s creative team transformed the “mane six” ponies into human high-schoolers. Get a glimpse of it in the clip below, which features story editor Meghan McCarthy explaining the throughline between FIM‘s very first episode and Equestria Girls itself.


Disney's 'Planes' is ready for takeoff -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Jealous that car fanatics get all the movies?

Aviation enthusiasts will get their own moment in the sun when Disney’s Planes — a spinoff of the Cars universe — hits theaters Aug. 9. The family film revolves around single-propeller plane Dusty (voiced by Dane Cook), who dreams about the world beyond his town of Propwash Junction. Despite a fear of heights, Dusty enlists in the Wings Around the Globe rally to compete against the world’s greatest flying machines. Planes features the voices of Julia Louis-Dreyfus, John Cleese and Teri Hatcher, as well as Top Gun alums Val Kilmer and Anthony Edwards for adults who enjoy ’80s nostalgia.

Check out an exclusive clip — which features characters voiced by Sinbad, Cook and Brad Garrett — below: READ FULL STORY

Surprise! Lego group announces special sets in promotion of 'Lego Movie'

File this one under inevitable but exciting news: EW has learned that The Lego Group will release a collection of movie-inspired building sets celebrating the brand’s premiere in a film (The Lego Movie, featuring Chris Pratt and Morgan Freeman, hits theaters in 2014.)

“The Lego brand has been a vehicle for creative storytelling around the world for decades, so it’s no surprise that there is such growing enthusiasm for the first Lego theatrical film,” said Jill Wilfert, vice president of licensing and entertainment for The Lego Group in a press release. “We are thrilled to collaborate with our valued partners to build a varied and compelling portfolio of products through which fans of all ages can celebrate this Lego brand milestone.”

'My Little Pony Equestria Girls' coming to network TV on...

Are your horsey senses tingling? That’s probably because The Hub Network announced some big news Monday: My Little Pony Equestria Girls, a full-length feature film that enjoyed a theatrical run this summer, will premiere on network TV Sunday, Sept. 1, at noon ET.

The story follows newly crowned princess Twilight Sparkle as she journeys to a mysterious new land in search of a stolen crown. After passing through a looking glass, the alicorn pony discovers that she’s been transformed into a human high school student — and that five of her classmates look and sound just like her pony pals back in Equestria.

'How To Train Your Dragon 2' teaser trailer: A soaring sneak peek -- VIDEO

Hiccup and Toothless are back in the soaring new teaser trailer for How to Train Your Dragon 2.

The duo — also featured in the 2010 original — are shown experimenting with some Viking-era skydiving. See the magic, along with an older Hiccup who has great hair (hopefully Astrid is as impressed as I am) here:

'Monsters University': See Pixar employees compete in their very own Scare Games -- EXCLUSIVE

As if you needed another reason to wish you worked at Pixar.

Fans of Monsters University know that much of the movie’s second half focuses on the Scare Games, a prestigious competition in which fraternities and sororities duke it out to be named the scariest clan on campus. What those fans may not know, though, is that the Scare Games didn’t exist only onscreen: Pixar held its very own version of the contest on its own college-esque campus.

Why? The reason is simple: “Pixar takes its fun very seriously,” associate producer Nicole Grindle explains in the following exclusive clip.

For more about which events made it into the real-life games — and which team looks best in their matching bandanas — check out this exclusive clip of Pixar’s Scare Games featurette below. May the best monsters humans win!


'Star Wars' takeover coming to Disney's Club Penguin

Stormtroopers and Penguins?

Your kids may want penguins added to the official Star Wars story after Disney’s Club Penguin has its first event with the iconic franchise. The Star Wars Takeover, available to play beginning July 25, will feature Darth Herbert and the evil Empire threatening the island. Your child (or, let’s be honest, you) can then join the rebel forces to battle Stormtroopers, steal the secret plans and destroy the Death Star (seen in the exclusive image above). Penguins will also be able to dress up like some favorite Star Wars characters while they try to save the galaxy.

Takeovers aren’t new to the game site — Marvel, Shake It Up! and Monsters University have all had turns — but fans have long been clamoring for a Star Wars one. Check out a game trailer below: READ FULL STORY

'Beauty and the Beast' twist ending: Belle's dream man is actually Aladdin

Tumblr has a habit of pointing out things that change your whole world. Take, for instance, the site’s latest mind-blowing revelation that Beauty and the Beast heroine Belle was actually meant to be with … Aladdin?

Listen, I’m all for Princess Jasmine. I dressed up as her for Halloween when I was in pre-school, and my hair was so long I didn’t need to wear a wig. And the Beast is your classic bad-boy-with-a-heart-of-gold.

But check this out: Belle’s favorite book — the one the bookshop owner gives her as a gift because “she’s read it twice” (take me to that store) — is really the story of Aladdin. The two could’ve been MFEO if they had lived in the same time and place. Check out the graphic that explains everything below:

'Despicable Me 2': Dana Gaier on voicing Gru's mischievous daughter Edith

Despicable Me 2 is full of many adorable creatures — of course in the form of those silly yellow minions — but we’re also talking about the three young girls ex-villain Gru has adopted.

The sequel to 2010 animation hit Despicable Me features Gru’s new daughters — Margo, Edith, and Agnes getting in on the action as Gru takes on a formidable new criminal alongside the Anti-Villain League. Dana Gaier, the New Jersey-based 15-year-old who voices mischievous tomboy Edith, chatted with EW about voice recording for both movies, why she thinks the minions are so popular, and what inspired her to create the anti-bullying website Got Your Back.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What do you remember about when you found out you got the part of Edith for Despicable Me?
DANA GAIER: I flew out to L.A. for the call back. I was 11 then, in sixth grade. After I did Edith’s lines, I was in the kitchen, got something to eat, and one of the producers came in and said, “We have some really bad news.” And I was like, “Oh my God,” and I was about to be heartbroken, and they were like, “You’re gonna have to stay here all day, ’cause we want you to record the role!” And I started jumping up and down. I was freaking out. READ FULL STORY

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