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Benedict Cumberbatch faces his Muppet nemesis on 'Sesame Street' -- VIDEO

Who’s even more dastardly than the wicked Moriarty? That’d be Murray-arty, the Muppet alter ego who challenges Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch to solve a tricky mystery in the following clip: Does the table before them have more apples on it, or more oranges? (Turns out you can compare the two.) Because Cumberbatch, of course, isn’t really Sherlock Holmes — sorry to wreck the fantasy, guys! — he has to call in an expert to get the job done: Sesame Street‘s very own Count.

Can their combined brainpower crack the case? Find out by watching the Internet’s new favorite video below.


'My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic': Welcome to Equestria, Weird Al! EXCLUSIVE

Can Pinkie Pie’s party-planning skills hold a candle to those of new pony-about-town Cheese Sandwich — a fun-loving horse voiced by the one and only Weird Al Yankovic? We’ll find out in “Pinkie Pride,” which pits the Mane Six’s resident jokester against the guest star. Spoiler alert: In this contest, everybody wins, though it might not seem that way from this heart-tugging exclusive clip.


Sneak Peek: Jonathan Taylor Thomas returns to 'Last Man Standing' -- VIDEO

Having JTT on our TV again just feels right, doesn’t it?

The folks at ABC’s Last Man Standing seem to agree, as they’ve brought back Home Improvement alum Jonathan Taylor Thomas for another go on the show that stars his former Improvement dad Tim Allen as Mike Baxter.

In the guest appearance, airing Friday, Thomas reprises his role as oldest Baxter daughter Kristin’s (Amanda Fuller) boss John and finds himself to be on a shortlist of suspects in a mystery involving some unlabeled flowers that were delivered to the Baxter home. There’s just one problem with lumping him in with the group of possible flower senders, which you’ll see in the video below. Let’s just say Kristin is a little red-faced.

Kristen Schaal's guide to life: Use egg beaters and love Mondays

Can’t get enough of Gravity Falls’ lovable and ever-quirky Mabel? The Disney Channel’s got a treat for you: Mabel’s getting her own series of shorts premiering February 3. Called Mabel’s Guide to Lifethe shorts will feature her video blogging and giving her fans advice on topics like dating, fashion, and, most important of all, stickers. They’ll air at 7:55 p.m. ET after episodes of Gravity Falls, the hit animated show about twins Mabel and Dipper having a mysterious and wild summer at their Great Uncle’s home.

We talked to Kristen Schaal, the voice behind Mabel, to hear about her own summers as a kid (spoiler: they involved a potentially murderous doll) and to get her own tips on how to eat “healthy” and why it shouldn’t be so hard to get through Mondays. Turns out we should all go to Schaal the next time we need advice. Check out our interview and an exclusive clip from the new shorts below: READ FULL STORY

'Pretty Little Liars' react: A little slice of Ezra

Spoiler Alert: If you haven’t seen the January 28th episode of Pretty Little Liars, stop reading now!

I’m not sure about you all, but I’m rethinking every dessert I’ve ever ordered right about now. Who knew that Ezra’s secret identity could all fall apart over a beer and a piece of Boysenberry pie?! And yet, now we (and Spencer) know: Ezra is Board Shorts! Ali came up with the nickname based on the brand of beer — Board Shorts Ale — that Ezra used to order when they’d meet up at The Hart & The Huntsman bar to discuss her writing. Did anyone else cringe when they kissed in that flashback? I can’t tell if it was more of an age thing or a creepy-Ezra thing, but I’ll let you decide while I catch you up on what else happened in Rosewood.

For starters, Mike and Mona are dating and doing some uncomfortable-to-watch kissing of their own! Aria obviously wasn’t happy to discover that tidbit of information — another week, another woman for Mike — but the new guidance counselor, Jesse, encouraged his students to find “common ground” with each other. Also, he told Aria that she was a little angry inside. Oh, Jesse, you never should’ve come to Rosewood if you think Aria’s anger is the thing to worry about. Around here, the mental problems are plentiful, and it’s highly likely you will be threatened, killed, or chased out of town. Welcome!

So as Aria took out her anger on Maggie, who showed up without Malcolm, making me wonder if Ezra had told the truth last week, Emily was dealing with her high stress levels. Her dad had come home to help her through all the recent trauma, but things only worsened when she nearly stabbed him with a pair of scissors. With that, Daddy Fields decided Emily needed an extracurricular activity, so how about she co-direct the school play with Ezra? Not the best idea. In fact, it was a pretty bad one. When Emily stayed after school to make copies of the script, “A” took the opportunity to attack. Cue the heavy metal and the flashing lights. Emily quickly backed herself into a room and called her dad, who showed up in just enough time to scale the freakin’ school like he was Spider-man and save his daughter. Mr. Fields definitely wins the Liam Neeson award for Rosewood dad I’d want if I were ever taken. Then again, he did kind of have a heart attack afterward, which Neeson would never do. But I guess I’ll let it slide this time.

When “A” wasn’t messing with Emily, he/she was going after Hanna, who, in a shocking turn of events, had taken up reading! She was big into James Patterson’s mystery novels — the Alex Cross series is always a good choice — which caused her to do a number of unexpected things. First, she bumped into Detective Holbrook and the two shared a very intriguing connection (after he apologized for everything). And then, she made a dentist appointment to try and find out how Ali’s body was identified through dental records in the first place. However, just as she grabbed the records, “A” grabbed her, knocked her out, and left a note in her gums. Yes, you read that right. “A” left what had to be the teeniest, tiniest threat in the history of threats in Hanna’s gums. It read: “I told you dead girls can’t smile. Stop looking.”

Good luck with that one, “A,” because Spencer just discovered the mother lode of all leads. After stealing some pills from Hot Nerd Andrew, Spencer decoded one of Ali’s diary entries. She then headed to Ali’s old hangout, The Hart & The Huntsman, where she ran into Ezra, who was drinking Board Shorts Beer and eating Boysenberry pie. Can someone give me a quick refresher on everything we know about Board Shorts? Was he a part of the night Ali was “murdered?” I remember the Cape May stuff, but I swear I lose track of these people. Also, when did Spencer show Andrew her “side boob?”

In our final “A” scene of the night, the hooded figure shredded the dental records and put them back in the talking bird’s cage. With the return of the bird also came the return of all things Cape May. “A” had a map posted on the wall.

So what did you all think of the episode? What was Mona and Ezra’s meeting about? Do you trust the new guidance counselor? And who can tell me where I can try some Board Shorts Ale? That stuff sounds delicious.

Disney Channel features its first gay couple on 'Good Luck Charlie' -- VIDEO

Near the beginning of last Sunday’s all new Good Luck Charlie, parents Bob and Amy Duncan briefly tangle over who, exactly, is coming over for a playdate with their daughter Charlie. Amy says she’s invited a kid named Taylor and his parents, including his mother Susan. Bob says that he’s also met Taylor’s mother — but he could swear her name is Cheryl.

There’s some classic sitcom back-and-forth arguing before the doorbell rings and the truth is revealed: Taylor has two mothers. And perhaps more importantly, the show treats this fact like it’s no big deal. (Taylor and Charlie’s playdate isn’t even the episode’s A-plot; instead, most of the half-hour revolves around big sister Teddy and her best friend Ivy, who’s preparing to leave for college.)

'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles': Who is that masked man? Why, it's Casey Jones! EXCLUSIVE

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles returns to Nickelodeon with all-new episodes on Feb. 2, as well as a nice surprise for old-school TMNT fans: Recurring Turtle ally Casey Jones is going full masked vigilante.

In the original 1987 animated series, Jones was a violent, Rorschach-esque crime fighter who treated murderers and litterbugs with equal equal disdain and never removed his iconic hockey mask. Nickelodeon’s slightly kinder, gentler Casey is a pal of April O’Neil’s who speaks with Josh Peck’s voice and generally prefers to show his face — at least, until he decides it’s time to take a stand against “pure evil” in Sunday’s episode, titled “The Good, The Bad, and Casey Jones.”

Watch Casey in action in the clip below, which also features his reluctant partner Raphael (Sean Astin) — and some seriously impressive subway rail-skating. Cowabunga!


Get a glimpse at Nickelodeon's newest preschool series, 'Wallykazam!' -- EXCLUSIVE

The future of edutainment is now: On Feb. 3, Nickelodeon debuts a new preschool literacy series called Wallykazam! The show, created by Emmy-winning writer Adam Petlzman (Blue’s Clues, The Backyardigans) follows a troll named Wally and his pet dragon, Norville, as they make words come to life onscreen — teaching little ones skills like letter and sound identification, rhyming, vocabulary development and comprehension strategies. It’s also pretty darn cute — and as a bonus for parents, the series’ first season will also include guest turns by stars like “Weird Al” Yankovic, Seinfeld‘s John O’Hurley, and SNL‘s Vanessa Bayer.

Catch a glimpse of the show — and one very Minion-like hamster — in the exclusive clip below.

'My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic': Get a glimpse at Discord's very first solo! EXCLUSIVE

Gird yourselves, Equestrians: This week on My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic, Discord is back. This time, though, the onetime villain is relatively benign — he’s suffering from a bad case of the sniffles, and all he wants is for Twilight Sparkle to take care of him. She agrees… but naturally starts to regret that decision once Discord begins making a series of increasingly ridiculous demands. Like what? Discord is glad you asked — and happy to answer in song:


One Direction visits 'Sesame Street' to teach us about 'U' -- VIDEO


One Direction has added a new stop to their Where We Are tour, which kicks off April 25 in Colombia — but this location isn’t a place you’ll find on the back of a T-shirt. The popular boy band will make an appearance on Sesame Street in the fall singing about, what else? U, of course!

…The letter “U,” that is. The quintet — Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, and Zayn Malik — will join the hit PBS show to teach us all about the 21st letter of the alphabet with a catchy song that will probably sound more than a little familiar to die-hard 1D fans (hint: think a certain 2011 hit single).

Check out the preview clip below for some pure adorableness (and seriously, boys aside, that “U” puppet is pretty darn cute too.)

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