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'Pretty Little Liars' react: The calm before the storm

I can feel it in the air. Something big is about to go down in Rosewood. Not only is Ezra yelling at random blondes in the middle of the street, but he’s slipping knives into Jake’s punching bag! I told you he was getting sloppier. Not to mention the fact that Ali is back, Hanna is breaking things, and Spencer seems to be spiraling (again). The storm is brewing, Liars! This should be fun.

'Marvel's Avengers Confidential: Black Widow & Punisher': See the trailer here! EXCLUSIVE


Marvel’s animated Avengers get even more muscle in the feature-length film Marvel’s Avengers Confidential: Black Widow & Punisher, which unites Thor, Iron Man, and their pals with the two titular supers — voiced, respectively, by Dexter‘s Jennifer Carpenter and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3‘s Brian Bloom. We’ve got a first look at the trailer for this direct-to-DVD release below. Warning: Dramatic music and astounding feats of heroism ahead.


'My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic': Rainbow Dash is going for the gold -- EXCLUSIVE

In three weeks, human athletes from around the globe will gather in Sochi to compete in the ultimate competition: the Olympics. In Equestria, however, the pony equivalent of all that excitement begins tomorrow. This Saturday’s new My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic finds Rainbow Dash and her pals traveling to Rainbow Falls, where they’re set to compete in the qualifying round of the Equestria Games.

There’s just one problem: As The Hub Network’s official episode description puts it, Rainbow and company soon realize “that the competition definitely has a hoof up on them.” Things get even more complicated when the fast-flying pony gets a tempting offer to join Cloudsdale’s elite flying squad. Will she accept — and leave her friends in the dust?


'Sam & Cat' reunite with 'iCarly' & 'Victorious' pals in hour-long special -- EXCLUSIVE CLIP


This Saturday, Nickelodeon is airing an hourlong Sam & Cat that’s also something of a reunion special — several familiar faces from iCarly and Victorious, the pair of sitcoms where Sam (Jennette McCurdy) and Cat (Ariana Grande) got their respective starts, are set to appear.

Which familiar faces? Well, for starters, two lovable nerds are on board: namely, iCarly‘s tech-savvy Freddie (Nathan Kress) and Victorious‘ amateur ventriloquist Robbie (Matt Bennett). And when these guys find themselves getting drawn into a love square with Sam and Cat, let’s just say the gloves come off:

Ringo Starr's number is up in new 'Powerpuff Girls' special -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO


Ringo Starr may be teaming up with Paul McCartney to perform at the Grammy Awards and accept the 2014 Recording Academy Lifetime Achievement Award for the Beatles on Jan. 26, but first he’s in need of some major rescuing by the Powerpuff Girls. Or, at least his voice is.

EW announced in December that The Powerpuff Girls would be returning to your TV screen for a new Cartoon Network special, Dance Pantsed, on Jan. 20, and now we have your first exclusive look at Starr’s guest-starring role as Townsville’s flamboyant mathematician, Fibonacci Sequins. Watch the clip below for a sneak peek at Mojo Jojo’s latest scheme to kidnap Sequins: an evil video game (“Dance Pants R-EVILution,” of course) that controls the minds and bodies of its players, namely, the Powerpuff Girls.

'Sesame Street': Ginnifer Goodwin and Abby Cadabby go on an adventure -- VIDEO

Once Upon a Time star Ginnifer Goodwin has made a trip to Sesame Street, and, naturally, it’s a guest appearance that befits a princess. Taking a break from what the actress calls “her day job” playing Snow White on Once Upon a Time, Goodwin teams up with fairy Muppet Abby Cadabby to teach kids about the word “adventure.”

Goodwin learned that Sesame Street wanted her on the show via an email from her publicist. Having grown up watching the PBS series with her younger sister, Goodwin’s reply was pretty enthusiastic: “I believe my response was in all-caps, and there was a lot of cursing and happiness,” she told EW. READ FULL STORY

Dove Cameron and Luke Benward make a deal in Disney Channel's 'Cloud 9' -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

With the Winter Olympics less than a month away, Disney Channel is getting into the spirit with its new original movie Cloud 9 about competitive snowboarding. Dove Cameron (Liv and Maddie) and Luke Benward (Ravenswood) star in the film, which premieres on Friday, January 17th at 8 p.m. ET.

Cloud 9 follows two unlikely friends, Kayla Morgan (Cameron), a prima donna snowboarder who was just dropped from her competition team, and Will Cloud (Benward), a former snowboarding champion who is struggling after a career-ending wipeout. The two meet when Kayla is forced to work at the local dog-grooming shop owned by Will’s mother. Determined to become a better boarder, Kayla finds an unexpected mentor in Will, who she realizes can help take her to the next level. So in exchange for help fixing up the dog-grooming shop, Will reluctantly accepts Kayla’s pleas to train her and introduces her to a regimen that tests her true commitment to the sport.  As the two grow closer, Kayla’s efforts convince Will that he, too, has the power to regain his championship status and that nothing is impossible.

EW talked to the cast about the film last month, and now you have the chance to check out an exclusive clip below:

'My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic': It's all relative for Pinkie Pie and one of her pals -- EXCLUSIVE

My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic isn’t just adorable — it’s also educational. Case in point: In this week’s new episode, Spike the dragon teaches Pinkie Pie all about genealogy, or the study of family history… right before Pinkie makes an astounding discovery that could link her own family to one of her closest pony pals.

Which pal, you ask? Well, you could read the episode’s title, which sort of gives away the secret — or you could just wait until the episode airs this Saturday at 10:30 a.m. ET on The Hub Network. And in the meantime, watch Pinkie have some fun with genealogy in this exclusive clip.


'Pretty Little Liars' react: Rest in peace, Jane Doe

Welcome back to Rosewood, the town where answers only create more questions and Mona is as creepy as ever! Season 4B kicked off with a surprisingly brilliant Hanna, a not-so-surprisingly brilliant Spencer, an angry Emily, and a fairly calm Aria. Let’s get to it! READ FULL STORY

'My Little Pony Friendship is Magic': Rarity takes Manehattan -- EXCLUSIVE

My Little Pony meets Project Runway in this week’s episode, which finds poised unicorn Rarity traveling to the big city: Manehattan, the seat of Equestria’s high society. She’s come to show her collection at a big fashion show. Unfortunately, soon after arriving, poor Rarity finds herself clashing with a mean-spirited fellow designer named Prim Hemline — a devil in Pony-rada. (Or maybe Diane von Hoofstenberg? Calvin Rein? Dolc-neigh and Gabbana?)


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