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'Beauty and the Beast' twist ending: Belle's dream man is actually Aladdin

Tumblr has a habit of pointing out things that change your whole world. Take, for instance, the site’s latest mind-blowing revelation that Beauty and the Beast heroine Belle was actually meant to be with … Aladdin?

Listen, I’m all for Princess Jasmine. I dressed up as her for Halloween when I was in pre-school, and my hair was so long I didn’t need to wear a wig. And the Beast is your classic bad-boy-with-a-heart-of-gold.

But check this out: Belle’s favorite book — the one the bookshop owner gives her as a gift because “she’s read it twice” (take me to that store) — is really the story of Aladdin. The two could’ve been MFEO if they had lived in the same time and place. Check out the graphic that explains everything below:

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