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'Ravenswood' finale react: Hanna's back, (some) mysteries solved

“It’s complicated” might as well be the tagline for this series. No one on the show seems to know how to explain, well, anything, and that kind of makes sense: Ravenswood is one crazy place. And since tonight was the season finale, Ravenswood is (somehow) even crazier than usual. Or as Caleb would tell us, “it’s complicated.”

Hanna returns to Ravenswood for a surprise visit. Why didn’t she call Caleb? Because she likes surprises, duh. Caleb broke up with her, so the real reason she came was to beat up Miranda who she thinks is The Other Woman. When Caleb breaks the news to her that Miranda is dead, and better yet, that he can still see Miranda, she is bewildered. Maybe you don’t like surprises as much as you thought, Hanna! What makes the scene creepy– because this is Ravenswood, after all– is that halfway through the conversation between Hanna and Caleb, Miranda appears. “She thinks you’re crazy,” she tells Caleb. He takes the cue: “You know, for a while, I thought that I might be crazy, but I’m not.” Real convincing, Caleb.

This is hard for Hanna to hear. She was the one who told Caleb to stay in Ravenswood and take care of Miranda. Then she thought he was in love with Miranda. And now she finds out Miranda is dead. At this point, she’s back to liking Miranda and the urge to beat her up has subsided. Instead, she talks to Miranda, meaning she sits in an empty room and rambles on to seemingly no one. She explains why she thought Caleb was in love with the now-ghost, and Miranda hears this and gets excited. Miranda’s affection for Caleb is tough to watch because it’s not like she’s actively trying to take Caleb from Hanna– she likes Hanna and seems to want them to be together. I feel bad for her, but also am Team Hanna and Caleb Forever, so I don’t feel too bad.

'Pretty Little Liars' summer finale react: The Liars finally get some 'A'nswers

Spoiler alert: If you haven’t watched the Pretty Little Liars summer finale, stop reading NOW! READ FULL STORY

'Pretty Little Liars' summer finale reveal: [Spoiler] is 'A'

HUGE spoiler alert! If you haven’t watched this week’s episode of Pretty Little Liars, stop reading now. READ FULL STORY

'Pretty Little Liars' react: Cowboys and 'A'

There’s only one week to go before the big midseason finale, and I’m pretty excited to see if this season can turn itself around and actually make me feel like the hours I’ve spent on PLL have been worth it. Pressure’s on, Liars!

With Tanner showing up at school and sitting down to bully the girls, I am reminded again how insane it it that this many adults are intent on demeaning and undermining four teenage girls. It’s all so indirect and catty and … yuck! Why don’t the adults in this town act their age, not their shoe size? But Spencer has a plan. And Hanna has a new stalker. (Please, please stop introducing new characters to this show.) READ FULL STORY

'Pretty Little Liars' react: All we have are buttons

Hi! Let’s take a sunnier approach to this week’s edition of “no answers, mo’ problems” as we journey on through the murkier and murkier waters of Rosewood’s biggest mysteries. As for all of our complaints:

“You guys are about as quiet as a monster truck rally, now shut up!” It’s PLL day! Hanna’s house doesn’t have space for homeless Emily (but has Spencer considered how giant her own house is?) – and Emily’s not the only one locked out. “BUTTONS!” I shouted as Ezra tried to get into his classroom. Not because that’s a nickname I’ve given him, but because his shirt had at least 5,000 buttons on it. Poor guy is distracted – he forgot that shirt was really ugly.

'Pretty Little Liars' react: A big birthday fail

Are we all still here? This morning I found myself thinking “oh it’s PLL day – why am I still watching this show?”

It’s not because of the intricate mysteries – the plot and all the characters are kind of a mess at this point, as a tangled and most likely unsolvable maze. But hey, the clothes are great (thanks to everyone helping me find them) and the drama is entertaining. The boyfriends are cute and loyal and the quips are hilarious. The “twists” and filters and moments of creepiness have started becoming so laughable I feel like I’m watching a horror movie from the 1920’s. So let’s do this!


'Pretty Little Liars' react: True confessions?

I’m here with my sister – the woman responsible for my Pretty Little Liars obsession – and we’re ready for some answers. Instead of giving us more questions, we want some resolutions. Or else we … won’t do a damn thing if we don’t get them. We’re too addicted.

Outfit Watch #1–Mrs. Fields looks amazing in her stressed out casual clothes.

Outfit Watch #2 – Aria’s comic print dress. Its structured sleeves and sheer top make it the perfect geek chic. Find me this dress!

Manicure Watch – Hanna has white tips and I love them.

Clearly, there’s nothing new going on if I’m so focused on the outfits. Hanna’s mom is still in jail, Spencer’s mom is still trying to spring her, Emily’s mom is still in trouble at work, and Aria’s mom is still in Austria. The girls are basically dealing with the fallout from this. Where’s Calby?

'Pretty Little Liars' react: It all comes crashing down

After that lackluster backdoor pilot from last week, I was counting on PLL to show up in a big way this week. The opening sequence was meh — until it cut to the Boyfriends. The music, and all the work they’ve done piecing together the giant puzzle that the rest of us have been running to keep up with made me really pumped. Then Toby said “let’s get started,” and I thought “it kind of looks like you already did!”

Happy Tuesday, Liars. READ FULL STORY

'Pretty Little Liars' react: Welcome to Ravenswood

Hannah didn’t realize that simply holding the gun could get her up to seven years in prison – and burying a possible murder weapon definitely isn’t making her look less guilty. But she does have Lieutenant Tanner on her side. The hard-nosed cop has a hunch Hanna is covering for someone – but who? Nobody really knows, not even Hanna herself.

One of the things that makes the Pretty Little Liars world so creepy is how easy it is for the girls’ enemies to insert themselves into their lives. School switching is a common occurrence (and it was sure weird when Oliver did it on The OC), and everyone moving into town always seems to be smack in the middle of the drama. The Liars are prisoners in their hometown. READ FULL STORY

'Pretty Little Liars' react: The old college try... and fail

Hanna has been kicking us off every episode this season – but usually with witty banter or dessert shirts. This time, it was with a blood curdling scream that got my heart racing. Her nightmare about her mother in an orange prison jumpsuit with her hair missing in patches was also… alarming.

In the Hastings home, Spencer draws a parallel to her sister and the city she now inhabits. Beautiful, but cold. Poor Spencer isn’t going to get into any college with her time spent at Radley hanging over her head – unless she solicits the help of a college admissions expert who specializes in problem cases. READ FULL STORY

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