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'Beware the Batman' react: The Dark Knight makes bold return to the small screen

Cartoon Network’s Beware the Batman premiered today, marking the start of the sixth cartoon series starring the Dark Knight. With Green Lantern: The Animated Series and Young Justice gone from the DC Nation roster, viewers may be skeptical of their replacement. But as a fan of Young Justice, I admit Beware the Batman isn’t as bad as I thought it might be. In fact, it’s pretty fun. More in the style of The Clone Wars than MTV’s Spider-man: The New Animated Series (Don’t remember that disaster? Exactly.), Beware the Batman is a computer-generated series with a slick albeit plastic-y look. It shares a darker tone with the Batman: The Animated Series, distinguishing itself from the kookier Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

First look at 'Beware the Batman' opening titles

Beware the Batman and Katana and Alfred. Better yet, don’t mess with any of Gotham’s protectors. Cartoon Network will soon add a new Batman cartoon series featuring a new sidekick, new villains, and a new CGI look. Beware the Batman shows off its slick look and retro feel in this first look at the series’ title sequence. The all female indie pop group Dum Dum Girls provide the theme song—reflecting the girl power of the Dark Knight’s protégé, Katana. Teen Titans Go! and all-new DC animated shorts round out the DC Nation hour-long programming block. Check out the stylized opening titles below: READ FULL STORY

Watch out villains: 'Beware the Batman' premieres in July

Holy CGI Batman! The Caped Crusader receives yet another makeover in this latest addition to Cartoon Network’s DC Nation programming block. Followed by new episodes of Teen Titans Go! at 10:30 a..m., Beware the Batman hits screens Saturdays at 10 a.m., starting July 13. Unlike past animated iterations of The Dark Knight, the series showcases fully CGI visuals and a new sidekick—the sword-wielding Katana, who doubles as Bruce Wayne’s “bodyguard.” (Bruce Wayne obviously doesn’t actually need a bodyguard, but the image of a multi-billionaire is important.) And although Batman’s right-hand Boy Wonder isn’t on the show—at least not yet—trusty butler Alfred Pennyworth is still there to support and mentor the often broody superhero. But this time he may or may not also be an ex-MI6 agent. (Hint: He totally is.)

The show also features lesser-known additions to Batman’s impressive rogues gallery such as Anarky and Magpie. It even includes Professor Pyg and Mr. Toad, villains originally created for the comics by Grant Morrison. Check out the clip below for a peek at the new adventures of Gotham’s greatest hero:

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