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Tom Hiddleston in Disney's 'The Pirate Fairy': Watch him sing as a young Captain Hook -- VIDEO

Before the hook, James was just a two-handed cabin boy on a pirate ship in Neverland when he met a fairy named Zarina. And now he wants to sing about it!

Tom Hiddleston (Loki in Marvel’s Thor and The Avengers) voices the young, future Captain in The Pirate Fairy, Disney’s upcoming straight-to-Blu-ray film out April 1. And now you can get your first listen of Loki’s impressive pipes.

The Pirate Fairy follows Tinkerbell (Mae Whitman) as she leads her fellow Pixie Hollow fairies to get back their stolen pixie dust taken by Zarina (Christina Hendricks). As many Disney movies have taught us before, pirates and fairies don’t really mix well and as expected, trouble ensues! Watch the musical sneak peek below: READ FULL STORY

'Frozen' Blu-ray: See an alternative scene of Anna meeting Kristoff -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

When Anna first meets Kristoff in Frozen, he’s not in a very sunny mood. In fact, he’s practically a snowman, covered from head to foot in snow and ice when he enters Oaken’s Trading Post (and Sauna) to stock up on some carrots for Sven. His spirits are low, since his ice business has suddenly taken a turn for the worse now that Arendelle is frozen, and he can’t even afford Sven’s meager snack.

But in an alternate scene that was considered for Anna and Kristoff’s mountain-slope meet-cute, it was Anna who is left wearing a coat of ice. Kristoff and Sven swoosh past through the snow, dousing the princess, and Kristoff comes off more as money-hungry rascal. He’s still chilled to the bone, but he’s warm enough to think straight and all that’s on his mind is his reward for news about Elsa.

Click below to see the storyboarded scene, complete with the actors’ voices. READ FULL STORY

Barbie's dreams come true when she meets a pony -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO


The one thing girls love as much as Barbie? Ponies.

So it’s no surprise that Mattel has combined the two in Barbie’s newest DVD adventure, Barbie & Her Sisters In A Pony Tale. The 27th (!) Barbie movie features Barbie and friends taking riding lessons, solving mysteries, and discussing the finer points of pony care.

When Barbie and her sisters set off on an adventure to the Swiss Alps, they’re excited to spend the summer at a riding academy. Barbie can’t wait to find a new horse to bring back to Malibu, and Stacie is eager to prove she’s an amazing equestrian. The sisters’ vacation has a few snags (their aunt may have to sell the stable!), but when Barbie discovers a mysterious horse in the woods, things take a turn for the magical.

Check out an exclusive clip below: READ FULL STORY

'Despicable Me 2': DVD release date, plus Minions mini-movie clip -- EXCLUSIVE


What’s even more despicable than the sequel to Despicable Me?

That’d be Despicable Me 2 on DVD and Blu-ray, which comes packed with 45 minutes of bonus features — including three mini-movies starring Gru’s despicable lovable, gibberish-spouting Minions. Get a glimpse at one of the new shorts, “Panic in the Mailroom,” in the clip below.


'Little Mermaid' Blu-ray: Howard Ashman explains the moment you fell in love with Ariel -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Younger generations might take Disney animation for granted today, but The Little Mermaid maintains a special place in the heart of moviegoers who were around to experience it in theaters in 1989. Who Framed Roger Rabbit had opened the industry’s eyes just the year before to the renewed potential of animation, but Disney, which had barely survived a hostile takeover a few years earlier, hadn’t attempted a fairy tale — its bread and butter — in 30 years. The Little Mermaid wasn’t just a return to form; it represented an entirely new artistic template that melded superior storytelling with Broadway-caliber music, courtesy of Alan Menken and Howard Ashman.

The duo came to Disney’s attention after their off-Broadway hit, Little Shop of Horrors, and Ashman, in particular, gave voice to this new Disney spirit. “Howard was from a different world,” says co-writer and co-director John Musker, who along with Ron Clements, was part of a new wave of ambitious young Disney animators. “He was kind of a chain-smoking theater guy. And we were non-smoking, California, low-key, animation guys, and it was an interesting mix of our sensibilities. Howard was kind of mentor for us, in terms of the way he approached the songs and his thinking behind the songs.”

The Little Mermaid became a box-office hit and earned two Oscars for its music. Menken and Ashman went on to work on Beauty and the Beast, the first animated film to score a Best Picture nod, and they’d started writing songs for Aladdin when Ashman died in 1991 from complications related to AIDS. He was only 40 years old.

In the new Diamond Edition Blu-ray for The Little Mermaid, which comes out on Tuesday, Disneyphiles can view rare footage of Ashman as he gives a lunchtime lecture to the staff during the making of that pivotal film. In it, he explains the essential importance of what he calls the girl’s “I Want Song” — the crucial tune where the heroine “plunks herself down on a tree-trunk somewhere to sing about what she dreams about.”

“It’s a really unique document nowadays because there isn’t that much footage of Howard and certainly of Howard explaining his working process,” says Musker. “It’s a really great clip.”

Click below to see an exclusive portion of Ashman’s lecture and the voice of Ariel, Jodi Benson, as she explains working with him on Mermaid‘s “I Want Song,” “Part of Your World.” READ FULL STORY

Smurfs get spooked in 'The Legend of Smurfy Hollow' -- EXCLUSIVE


It’s so scary, they just might blue themselves.

Two months after their second feature film debuted, everyone’s favorite cerulean creatures are back in a Halloween-ready new adventure. The Smurfs: The Legend of Smurfy Hollow is a 22-minute “mini-movie” that combines CGI with traditional animation and follows the blue dudes as they face a new foe: the infamous Headless Horseman. Voice actors from The Smurfs 2, including Alan Cumming, Hank Azaria, and Fred Armisen, are on hand as well, reprising their roles from the film.

Get a glimpse of the sitcom-size short below:

'Alpha and Omega 2': Get a sneak peek at the sequel, which will be released on...


Hear that? It sounds an awful lot like the call of the wild.

Lionsgate is releasing a sequel to its 2010 animated film Alpha and Omega — the story of two wolves, “alpha” Kate and “omega” Humphrey — on Blu-ray combo pack, DVD, digital download, and VOD Oct. 8. It’s the first in a series of new Alpha and Omega adventures to be released for home viewing.

This first sequel, Alpha and Omega 2: A Howl-iday Adventure follows Kate, Humphrey, and their three cubs: Stinky, Claudette, and Runt, who mysteriously disappears in the opening act. It’s up to the pup’s family to find him — discovering the true meaning of the holidays along the way.

Get a glimpse at the  new film in the exclusive clip below.


'Equestria Girls': Go behind the scenes of 'My Little Pony' spinoff in exclusive clip


Missed Equestria Girls — the hominid spinoff of My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic — when it galloped into theaters earlier this summer, and can’t wait to watch it on TV this September?

You’re in luck: The full-length film’s DVD and Blu-ray debut is just one week away.

The home release includes a stable of special features, including karaoke songs, a “ponify yourself” game, a printable movie poster — and a behind-the-scenes doc that explains how FIM‘s creative team transformed the “mane six” ponies into human high-schoolers. Get a glimpse of it in the clip below, which features story editor Meghan McCarthy explaining the throughline between FIM‘s very first episode and Equestria Girls itself.


'Transformers Prime': Optimus Prime advises cute kid in exclusive clip from new DVD set

When Optimus Prime — a.k.a. voice actor Peter Cullen — tells you to be a good little boy, you’d best listen.

That’s exactly what happens in this adorable exclusive clip, an excerpt from the filmed Transformers Prime Comic-Con panel that appears in full on the animated series’ new 4-disc DVD/Blu-ray set. In addition to the cartoon’s complete second season and that Comic-Con panel — moderated by Larry King — the collection also includes interviews with the Transformers creative team. Get a load of Optimus Prime in the flesh below:


'Brave' spin-off: First Look at new Pixar short 'The Legend of Mor'du' -- TWO PHOTOS

There are lots of resources out there for “How to Survive a Bear Attack,” but not much guidance about what to do if it’s a demon bear on your trail.

Run! No, wait… Play dead! Uh – try to cover your head a little. Got any magic spells…?

The Legend of Mor’du, a new short on the upcoming Blu-ray release of Pixar’s Brave, doesn’t offer many hopeful pointers, but it does dive a little deeper into the backstory of the movie’s fearsome, snarling villain. READ FULL STORY

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