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'Degrassi' trailer: Scandal! Betrayal! Revenge! -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO


(And other nouns that don’t double as ABC dramas!)

Love. Heartbreak. Drinking. Eyeliner. Secrets. More secrets. Sexting. More sexting. Abuse. Hand-holding. Bras worn on top of a T-shirt.

All have a place in the next round of Degrassi episodes, which debut on TeenNick this January. Want more specifics? Here’s the network’s official description: “This winter on Degrassi, relationships are put to the test. Clare and Eli continue to go the distance after his infidelity nearly tore them apart, but what’s next for Clare and Drew after their kiss? When Leo is faced with deportation, Alli hatches a plan to keep her epic romance alive. And Maya reconnects with her old friend, Zig, but Miles doesn’t trust him.” Which makes sense — remember how Zig nursed feelings for Maya even though he had a girlfriend, then kinda-sorta helped to trigger Cam’s suicide? (This show, guys.)

'Degrassi' fall premiere trailer: Back to school drama! -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Degrassi‘s back, baby!

Well, almost: New episodes return to TeenNick on Oct. 3. And, in typical Degrassi fashion, they’ll be filled with hookups, breakups, catfights, and dramatically new hairdos for principal cast members — at least, if this all-new trailer is any indication.

'Degrassi' season finale: Watch exclusive clip here!


Degrassi is nothing if not consistently dramatic.

So it’s no surprise that in this exclusive clip from the summer finale there’s a whole lot of emotion — and a few attempts to cut the tension. The episode will pick up during Adam’s funeral. The official description reads: “Drew struggles to cope and blames Becky, and himself for Adam’s death. Clare and Eli make a memorial video, and Clare receives one piece of good news amidst all the bad — she’s in remission and can leave the hospital. Becky organizes a bonfire celebration of Adam’s life, which everyone attends — even Drew. He finally draws a positive message from this all — that everyone needs to make this the best year ever, for Adam.”

Got all that? Watch an exclusive clip below:

'Degrassi' turns 13: Sneak a peek at the premiere -- EXCLUSIVE

T-minus one day until Degrassi‘s triumphant return to TeenNick! Though TV’s greatest Canadian import is heading into its 13th season, it shows no signs of slowing down — expect a new season filled with hookups, breakups, and other capital-D Drama, starting with the scene you’ll see exclusively below.

In it, we catch up with Maya and a newly bleach-blond Tristan, who are getting ready to have the best summer vacation ever — even though one of their pals has apparently been written off the show. (At least there’s a brief explanation for why she’s missing, delivered with typical Degrassi finesse. That’s more than Kendra got!)

'Degrassi' season 13: Get ready for a long, hot summer -- EXCLUSIVE


Mazel tov, Degrassi — you’ve finally reached bar mitzvah age!

And if this brand-spankin’-new promo for season 13 (oy vey, we still can’t believe it) is any indication, becoming a man — or an adult TV show, or whatever — will bring with it a whole lot of juicy drama. Expect to see a gang of new trouble-causing faces — a teen TV star! A poor little rich boy! — and several brief snippets of storylines to come. Hint: There is a good amount of shirtlessness.

As the preview notes, Degrassi is “basically your high school.” You know, if your high school were completely cuckoo bananas.


A very 'Degrassi' prom: Can Eli and Clare kiss and make up? EXCLUSIVE CLIP


Whatever it takes, I know you can make it through … even though several of your Degrassi favorites are leaving the drama-plagued school for good after June 21, when the show’s 12th season finally wraps up with an hour-long special called “Time of My Life.”

The episode finds Degrassi’s seniors (and a few juniors) celebrating the very last days of the best (and worst) years of their life at two milestone events: prom and graduation. Hearts will be broken; grand romantic gestures will be made; there will be blood, or at least tears. Get a hint of what’s to come in this exclusive clip from the special, which finds level-headed Clare being asked to choose between her prom date — and her soul mate.

'Degrassi': Maya confronts Zig in Friday's finale -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Between breakups, break-ins, and one very tragic death, Degrassi Community School hasn’t had an easy semester. (Then again, when has it?)

This season’s drama really comes to a head in June, with a graduation special that sends off the school’s current seniors in style. In the meantime, here’s a juicy clip from this Friday’s official season finale. Poor Maya is finally starting to deal with her boyfriend Cam’s suicide by acting out — going as far as kissing another guy, then posting a video of the makeout session on her Facerange profile. (Gotta love Degrassi‘s fake technology.)

Here, the ex-good girl gets into a screaming match with her ex-love interest, Zig. Could this be the cathartic moment that helps Maya finally start moving on?


'Degrassi' stars and creators talk this season's drama -- and what's coming next

In the drama-filled halls of Degrassi Community School, it can be tough to find a lasting relationship. Especially if you make too many trips to the ravine.

Thankfully, seniors Fiona Coyne and Imogen Moreno have managed to stay paired for an impressive 35 episodes — despite the leering jocks, mean girls, and family tragedies that have threatened to tear them apart. The girls’ stable, realistic coupledom is one of the factors that helped Degrassi snag its 5th GLAAD Media Award nomination this year.

Can “Fimogen” keep their streak going, even as prom and graduation loom? We sat down with actresses Annie Clark and Cristine Prosperi — as well as Degrassi executive producers Linda Schuyler and Stephen Stohn — to find out. Also on the docket: The girls’ favorite old Degrassi characters, their love of Degrassi alum Drake, and season 12’s heart-wrenching suicide plotline.

Entertainment Weekly: Though your characters have been in a relationship for a while, both of them started out straight. Was it tough to wrap your head around being involved with a girl?
Annie Clark: I kind of equate myself finding out to how Fiona found out, when she finally realized that she was a lesbian. Fiona came out and didn’t really have much of a struggle, which I think was really important to portray. Of course it’s important to show the people who have had difficulty coming out — it’s equally as important to show the times when everyone’s cool with it.
Cristine Prosperi: And for me, with Imogen, I feel like it’s really cool that we don’t really know if she’s lesbian or bisexual. She’s just connected with someone. That’s what teenagers need sometimes, just to connect with someone.
Annie: To not have the labels.
Linda Schuyler: It’s interesting that you say you didn’t know your character was going to be gay, because neither did we. [laughter]


'Degrassi' react: What happened in Vegas

Degrassi wedding!

Well, sort of. Well — spoiler alert! — not at all. Though Drew and Bianca journeyed to Vegas intending to get hitched, second thoughts ended up prompting the lovebirds to wait until they can throw a real wedding that doesn’t take place in a cheap, Sin City chapel.

At least Drianca escaped from Vegas with their relationship intact. For a moment, it looked like Drew’s need to get his mother’s approval was going to prompt a lasting breakup. When Audra showed up at the chapel to stop her son from making a big mistake, Bianca bailed, saying that she knew she’d never be enough for Drew. (Wait a tick — I thought Audra told Bianca that she’s the one who’s too good for Drew.) Luckily, musical numbers heal all wounds — all Drew had to do to win Bianca back was don a glittery gold Elvis suit and draft his friends to help him perform a romantic cover of “Can’t Help Falling in Love.” Even the gang’s new drag queen pals got in on the action! The sequence wasn’t quite as amazing as Dallas’s insta-classic “rap-pology,” but I’d still rank it among this season’s sweetest moments.


'Degrassi: Las Vegas': The gang takes some gambles in a new special -- EXCLUSIVE


This Friday, Toronto’s finest will learn that what happens in Vegas doesn’t necessarily stay in Vegas. That’s right: The Degrassi gang is headed to Sin City, where Drew and Bianca are planning to tie the knot. (Something tells us the whole “wedding” thing might not go as smoothly as they’d like. Also, will their marriage even be valid in Canada?) Meanwhile, Katie, Marisol, Mo, and Jake are all set to spend their spring break in Mexico — until their plans get derailed.

Of course, a canceled flight may be a blessing in disguise when it paves the way to a casino and a handsome stranger — as Katie discovers in the following exclusive clip.


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