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Tom Hiddleston in Disney's 'The Pirate Fairy': Watch him sing as a young Captain Hook -- VIDEO

Before the hook, James was just a two-handed cabin boy on a pirate ship in Neverland when he met a fairy named Zarina. And now he wants to sing about it!

Tom Hiddleston (Loki in Marvel’s Thor and The Avengers) voices the young, future Captain in The Pirate Fairy, Disney’s upcoming straight-to-Blu-ray film out April 1. And now you can get your first listen of Loki’s impressive pipes.

The Pirate Fairy follows Tinkerbell (Mae Whitman) as she leads her fellow Pixie Hollow fairies to get back their stolen pixie dust taken by Zarina (Christina Hendricks). As many Disney movies have taught us before, pirates and fairies don’t really mix well and as expected, trouble ensues! Watch the musical sneak peek below: READ FULL STORY

Mickey and Minnie try to cheer up Donald and Daisy in new 'Mouse' short -- EXCLUSIVE

Donald Duck and Daisy Duck are feeling blue. Why? Because “Mr. Hublot” beat out “Get a Horse!” for Best Animated Short.

Er… the specifics don’t really matter. What does matter is that Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse are determined to cheer up their pals with smiles, sunshine, and a particularly perky song. Will their efforts work? We’ll find out later this week, when Disney premieres its latest “Mickey Mouse” short — but in the meantime, get a preview of Mickey and Minnie’s antics with this exclusive clip.


Disney's 'Blank: A Vinylmation Love Story': Short film explores the blank canvas of love -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Disney Interactive and Google have partnered up just in time for Valentine’s Day for the new original animated short film Blank: A Vinylmation Love Story.

Based on the popular Disney Parks Vinylmation collectible franchise, the 38-minute stop-motion animated film is available to watch exclusively on Google PlayBlank: A Vinylmation Love Story tells the story of Blank, an unpainted Vinylmation on an epic adventure through an original new world to find his lost soul mate. Watch an exclusive clip below as Blank meets his love Bow for the first time:

First clip from 'The Pirate Fairy': Christina Hendricks is mixing something magical -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

What if Joan Holloway Harris morphed into a spunky brunette fairy? Well, she’d sound something like Never Land resident Zarina — a winged dust-keeper voiced by Mad Men star Christina Hendricks.

Zarina is the star of Disney’s upcoming straight-to-Blu-ray film The Pirate Fairy, which follows the titular sprite’s adventures after she decides to ditch Pixie Hollow for a pirate ship — and gets to know a two-handed cabin boy named James who will one day be known as Captain Hook. Also: He’s voiced by Tom Hiddleston. It’s like the Internet wrote this movie.

Catch your first glimpse at Zarina in action by watching this exclusive clip, in which Z shows Tinker Bell (Arrested Development‘s Mae Whitman) her mad dust-mixing skills. Bet she’d also make a killer fairy martini if pressed.


Disney Channel features its first gay couple on 'Good Luck Charlie' -- VIDEO

Near the beginning of last Sunday’s all new Good Luck Charlie, parents Bob and Amy Duncan briefly tangle over who, exactly, is coming over for a playdate with their daughter Charlie. Amy says she’s invited a kid named Taylor and his parents, including his mother Susan. Bob says that he’s also met Taylor’s mother — but he could swear her name is Cheryl.

There’s some classic sitcom back-and-forth arguing before the doorbell rings and the truth is revealed: Taylor has two mothers. And perhaps more importantly, the show treats this fact like it’s no big deal. (Taylor and Charlie’s playdate isn’t even the episode’s A-plot; instead, most of the half-hour revolves around big sister Teddy and her best friend Ivy, who’s preparing to leave for college.)

Jessica Chastain channels Merida from Disney's 'Brave' -- PHOTO

Taylor Swift got to show off her blond locks as Rapunzel, and now Jessica Chastain gets to prove that redheads can have just as much fun.

Chastain is the latest star to pose for photographer Annie Leibovitz in her growing Disney Dream Portrait series as part of the Disney Parks advertising campaign. In addition to Swift, the campaign has featured Queen Latifah as Ursula from The Little Mermaid, Olivia Wilde as the Evil Queen and Alec Baldwin as the Magic Mirror from Snow White, and Jeff Bridges and Penelope Cruz as the Beast and Belle from Beauty and the Beast, to name a few.

Chastain appears with bow and arrow on a horse as Scottish princess Merida from the 2012 Oscar-winning animated film Brave. The two-time Oscar-nominee spoke to Entertainment Tonight at the photo shoot. “I definitely see her as a modern princess. She’s headstrong, she’s funny, she has great passions,” Chastain said. “She’s a good role model for little girls.”

Check out a the clip below:

An attempt at translating this adorable kid's cover of 'Let It Go' from 'Frozen' -- VIDEO

Watch out, Idina Menzel: Four-year-old aspiring Disney princess Ella has your number.

Well, sort of. Ella’s interpretation of Frozen‘s most memorable song is high on cuteness… and low on intelligible words. But who needs diction when you’ve got passion?

Check out Ella’s “Let It Go” cover below — and look under that to find our best attempt at deciphering what, exactly, she’s trying to say. (For reference, the song’s actual lyrics can be found here.)


New Disney Channel movie 'Cloud 9' hits the slopes in the world of competitive snowboarding

Disney Channel is welcoming in the winter months with the new original movie Cloud 9,  starring Dove Cameron (Liv and Maddie) and Luke Benward (Ravenswood) and executive produced by Disney alum Ashley Tisdale. EW talked with the stars and Tisdale about the  film and how they hope it will reach Disney Channel fans of all ages.

Cloud 9 follows two unlikely friends, Kayla Morgan (Cameron), a prima donna snowboarder who was just dropped from her competition team, and Will Cloud (Benward), a former snowboarding champion who is struggling after a career-ending wipeout. The two meet when Kayla is forced to work at the local dog grooming shop owned by Will’s mother. Determined to become a better boarder, Kayla finds an unexpected mentor in Will, who she realizes can help take her to the next level.  So in exchange for help fixing up the dog grooming shop, Will reluctantly accepts Kayla’s pleas to train her and introduces her to a regimen that tests her true commitment to the sport.  As the two grow closer, Kayla’s efforts convince Will that he, too, has the power to regain his championship status.

“Something I really love about this film is that it’s not Kayla’s story and it’s not Will’s story. It’s about their journey together,” Cameron told EW. “She learns that she was missing a lot more in her life than she thought when she meets Will Cloud. It’s a story about a girl who wants a man to stand beside her as she saves herself.” Cameron is a relatively new member of the Disney family, though she has already cemented her place as the new Queen Mouseketeer. She does double duty playing both title characters (a la Lindsay Lohan) in the Disney Channel sitcom Liv and Maddie and will play Maleficent’s daughter in the upcoming Descendants“I’m so incredibly over-the-moon excited to finally be able to talk about it!”

Disney stars Debby Ryan, Olivia Holt & more talk holiday cheer -- EXCLUSIVE


How do the headliners of Jessie, Dog with a Blog, Austin & Ally and more celebrate the holiday season? Simple: By dressing up their pets in festive outfits. (Even if the only pet in the house happens to be a goldfish.)

See how some of Disney Channel’s best-loved stars plan to adorn their dogs, cats, guinea pigs — and, yes, fish — in this exclusive clip, featuring Morgan Tompkins and Maddy Whitby from Radio Disney’s Morgan & Maddy in the Morning. Maybe they’ll inspire a Christmas-themed original dog movie called Bark the Halls for next year!


Disney Channel casts Dove Cameron as Maleficent's daughter in 'Descendants'

Last week, Disney Channel announced that it had begun casting Descendants, a live-action original movie about the offspring of some of the company’s best-known villains (and heroes). Now the network has revealed who will play Maleficent’s daughter Mal: Dove Cameron, who currently stars (as twins, no less!) on Disney Channel’s Liv and Maddie. And though Descendants is not a musical, we hear that there will be “a lot of singing” in the movie — including by Cameron’s character. (She’s certainly got the pipes for the job.)

“Dove is a multi-dimensional actress whose undeniable charisma allows her to conjure the many facects of Mal, the sharp-edged yet vulnerable daughter of one of Disney’s most wicked villains,” Disney Channels Worldwide senior VP Judy Taylor said in a statement.

The next episode of Liv and Maddie airs on Disney Channel in January. Cameron can also be seen in Cloud 9, an upcoming DCOM about the world of competitive snowboarding, which premieres Friday, Jan. 17 at 8 p.m. ET.

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