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See the 'Doc McStuffins' tour's adorable bus -- EXCLUSIVE

The wheels on this bus go round and round — maybe all the way to your pre-schooler’s town.

A 27-foot “Doc Mobile” — decorated with images of Disney Junior’s mini-medicine series Doc McStuffins — is heading on a cross-country tour to promote both the cartoon and kids’ heath. Inside the bus, kids can perform “check-ups” on their own toys and learn all about the elements of wellness, including fitness and nutrition. They’ll also have an opportunity to meet doctors from the Artemis Medical Society, a group of female African-American physicians that formed in response to Doc McStuffins‘ titular young, black, medically-minded role model.

See below for tour dates and locations. Season 2 of Doc McStuffins premieres Friday, Sept. 6, on Disney Junior.

'The Doc Files' is more 'Doc McStuffins' for your preschooler -- EXCLUSIVE


Here’s a diagnosis your preschooler is going to love: A Doc McStuffins short-form series extension, The Doc Files, is coming.

The Doc Files will feature a look into “Doc’s keen deductive skills as she shares an in-depth look at specific cases and diagnoses after the clinic doors close for the day.  Produced using a combination of CG and 2D flash animation, each episode opens with Doc dictating a toy patient’s chart and recalling how she solved the case from allergies to splinters to the importance of healthy eating and exercise.”

Doc McStuffins is an animated show aimed at kids 2-5 about a little girl who can talk to and heal stuffed animals and toys out of her playhouse clinic. The Doc Files will launch with a week of new episodes starting Monday, July 22 on Disney Channel at 9:25 a.m. ET/PT and Disney Junior at 7:55 p.m. ET/PT.

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The Relief of ‘Doc McStuffins': Seeing Yourself in Pop Culture
Loretta Devine on the ‘great teaching tool’ that is ‘Doc McStuffins’

'Doc McStuffins': Matters of the heart: VIDEO

Disney Junior

It’s always hard to share the ones you love. That’s a lesson kiddies can learn on this week’s Valentine’s Day-themed Doc McStuffins. When Doc gets a stuffed Valentine’s Day heart named Val as a gift, Lambie gets jealous because she thinks Doc likes her new toy better.

Check out the video below to see how Doc’s precious Lambie reacts to the newcomer co-opting her line.


The Relief of 'Doc McStuffins': Seeing Yourself in Pop Culture

The other day my four-year-old daughter announced that she wanted to be Doc McStuffins, kind-hearted friend to ailing stuffed animals everywhere, for Halloween. To complete the look of the Disney Junior character, we would need to get a white doctor’s coat, a sparkly headband, and pink sneakers. “But I’ve already got a stethoscope and brown skin,” she said. So check and check on that. There was much to cheer about this conversation. 1) No request for a flimsy, sad-nightgown princess costume, the visual plague of suburban sidewalks come All Hallows’ Eve. 2) A doctuh! 3) My daughter has a pop culture hero with skin the same color as she. READ FULL STORY

Loretta Devine on the 'great teaching tool' that is 'Doc McStuffins'

EW’s TV critic Ken Tucker just reviewed Disney Junior’s Doc McStuffins, lauding the animated series for teaching little ones about the procedures around going to the doctor, which can be a scary prospect for children. The series — as Tucker explains in his review — follows the happenings around title character Doc McStuffins (Kiara Muhammad), a six-year-old girl who can “heal” toys, with a little help from her pals. And just who are those helpers? Well, for starters, one of Doc’s assistants is none other than Grey’s Anatomy staple and original Broadway Dreamgirls star Loretta Devine, who voices the role of Hallie the Hippo.

Devine, nominated for an Emmy this year for her Grey’s work, recently hopped on the phone to chat with EW about today’s release of Doc McStuffins: Friendship Is The Best Medicine DVD, which includes five episodes with two 11-minute stories each. (In a bit of serendipity, today is also Devine’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Loretta!) Devine chatted us up about what appealed to her about the voice role, what kids can learn from the show, whether she’d have watched it as a child, and much more.


'Doc McStuffins' and kids' TV: The good stuff rises to the top

Doc McStuffins is one of the most successful new cartoon-series launches in recent years, and like a lot of children’s programming, it’s also a good show. But what do I mean by “good show” in this context? Is good kid TV a show that holds your children’s interest, that they want to see more than once? Is it material that holds your adult attention as well as your child’s? Is it a creation that teaches a moral lesson, or suggests commendable behavior?

When it comes to children’s programming, slightly different measurements of quality obtain, and that’s one of the primary things I plan to explore regularly in this space. READ FULL STORY

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