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'Moveable Feast': Get a sneak peek at PBS' new mobile cooking show -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO


No, Moveable Feast With Fine Cooking isn’t a battle royale for food trucks, or a high-flying reality show about chefs on private planes, or an extreme look at globetrotting competitive eaters.

Instead, it’s a relatively tame new PBS series that follows Australian celebrity chef Pete Evans as he travels across the U.S., challenging notable local chefs to help him prepare a fabulous meal in just one day.

“I would love to know that the show inspires people to get into the kitchen to create their own delicious, nutritious meals for themselves and their families,” Evans tells EW via email. “Fine cooking to me, in general, is about being creative and stepping outside your comfort zone, but with expert guidance and tips, and that’s what we’ve tried to do with the show.”

Guest chefs include marquee names like Jacques Pepin, Marcus Samuelsson, Anita Lo, Jonathan Waxman, Andy Ricker — and, in the series’ first episode, Seattle residents Tom Douglas and Thierry Rautureau, who journey into open waters with Evans to create a seafood feast. “I’m an Aussie,” Evans explains. “We grow up fishing or catching our own food and cooking it over a campfire, so I feel very much at home cooking outdoors.”

See Evans, Douglas, and Rautureau in action in the following clip, which finds the gourmet trio crabbing in Puget Sound. Come to see some delicious-looking sea creatures; stay to watch three dignified professionals do a happy “crab dance.”

Disney Channel pulls 'Jessie' ep that makes fun of a kid who eats gluten-free -- VIDEO

Celiac disease is no laughing matter — something Disney Channel learned the hard way last week, when parental outrage over a few gluten-based jokes led the network to pull an episode of Jessie from its schedule. The ep was supposed to air May 17.

The jokes in question were aimed at a character named Stuart, a bespectacled 9-year-old with five pages worth of dietary requirements. Among them: He either can’t or won’t eat gluten. When he gives 8-year-old Zuri a gift basket, she rejects the gift and tells him that if he calls her “sweetie” again, he’ll “be eating some gluten-free knuckles.” Zuri also tosses a pancake at Stuart, causing him to shriek “gluten!” and cower, wiping his face furiously. (“He makes me look macho,” quips Zuri’s brother Ravi.)


Blasphemy! Cookie Monster cookie recipe doesn't contain chocolate chips

C may be for Cookie, but it’s certainly not for Chocolate Chips!

At least not according to an old-school Cookie Monster recipe. Gothamist unearthed the Cookie Monster-approved baked goods in the 1970s’-era Big Bird’s Busy Book. While recent Cookie appearances may be all about the chocolate chips, the vintage ingredient list shows that Cookie Monster is a secret sugar-cookie fanatic. Sesame Street will never be the same!

The recipe contains a standard sugar cookie dough ingredient list, but written in Cookie’s signature voice. “In this wonderful set of books me going to show you how to make ALL KINDS OF COOKIES! But first…me tell you the secret recipe for COOKIE DOUGH (It been in my family for years.)”

Check out the classic “C is for Cookie” video and compare notes below.


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