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'Frozen' Blu-ray: See an alternative scene of Anna meeting Kristoff -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

When Anna first meets Kristoff in Frozen, he’s not in a very sunny mood. In fact, he’s practically a snowman, covered from head to foot in snow and ice when he enters Oaken’s Trading Post (and Sauna) to stock up on some carrots for Sven. His spirits are low, since his ice business has suddenly taken a turn for the worse now that Arendelle is frozen, and he can’t even afford Sven’s meager snack.

But in an alternate scene that was considered for Anna and Kristoff’s mountain-slope meet-cute, it was Anna who is left wearing a coat of ice. Kristoff and Sven swoosh past through the snow, dousing the princess, and Kristoff comes off more as money-hungry rascal. He’s still chilled to the bone, but he’s warm enough to think straight and all that’s on his mind is his reward for news about Elsa.

Click below to see the storyboarded scene, complete with the actors’ voices. READ FULL STORY

An attempt at translating this adorable kid's cover of 'Let It Go' from 'Frozen' -- VIDEO

Watch out, Idina Menzel: Four-year-old aspiring Disney princess Ella has your number.

Well, sort of. Ella’s interpretation of Frozen‘s most memorable song is high on cuteness… and low on intelligible words. But who needs diction when you’ve got passion?

Check out Ella’s “Let It Go” cover below — and look under that to find our best attempt at deciphering what, exactly, she’s trying to say. (For reference, the song’s actual lyrics can be found here.)


Disney's 'Frozen': Composers talk unexpected influences (Gaga!) and accidentally aping 'Arrested Development'

Disney’s newest feature, Frozen, is many things: a loose adaptation of Hans Christian Anderson’s The Snow Queen, a moving tale of sisterly love, an action-packed comedy that shares more than a bit of DNA with Disney’s own Tangled. (One example: In that film, the male hero’s best buddy is a dog-like horse named Maximus. In this film, the male hero’s best buddy is a dog-like reindeer named Sven.)

Frozen also happens to be an old-fashioned animated musical, featuring eight catchy songs by the husband-and-wife team of Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez. The pair has worked with Disney once before, writing tunes for 2011’s Winnie the Pooh – though Lopez is best known as the Tony-winning co-writer of edgy Broadway hits Avenue Q and The Book of Mormon. (Talk about range!) READ FULL STORY

New 'Frozen' trailer features singing: 'That's no blizzard, that's my sister' -- VIDEO

This Thanksgiving, Idina Menzel, Kristen Bell, and Jonathan Groff will join voices forces for Disney’s latest animated tale, Frozen, which tells the story of Elsa (Menzel) — a quite literal Snow Queen.

After accidentally revealing her chilly powers and turning her kingdom to snow and ice, Elsa runs away. Her sister, Anna (Bell), quickly enlists the help of mountain man Kristoff (Groff) to retrieve Elsa and bring back summer. Along the way, there are talking snowmen, wolves, and most importantly, musical moments. After all, the only thing prettier than this cast is the sound of their voices.

Watch the new trailer for Frozen, now complete with singing, below:


Witness a winter wonderland in a teaser trailer for Disney's 'Frozen' -- VIDEO

Great news for fans of Narnia’s winter world – Disney has got the family movie for you this holiday season.

Frozen, loosely based on Hans Christian Andersen’s fairytale The Snow Queen, will find a young girl named Anna (voiced by Kristen Bell) trapped in a kingdom of eternal winter. She teams up with a mountain man (Jonathan Groff) and a sidekick reindeer on a journey to find Anna’s sister (Idina Menzel), whose powers are responsible for turning the kingdom into a 24/7 freezer, and put an end to her spell. With that vocal cast – and music by Book of Mormon Tony-winning songwriter Robert Lopez – adult fans may be most excited to check out the soundtrack while accompanying kiddos to the family-friendly film.

In a teaser short for the movie, viewers don’t get a song, but do get their first glimpse of the winter wonderland and a battle that must be all-too-common in the great white tundra: A silly fight over a carrot nose between a snowman and a reindeer.

Check it out below: READ FULL STORY

Disney's 'Frozen': Animated feature reveals icy concept art -- FIRST LOOK

Here’s a little icebreaker from the makers of Frozen.

Walt Disney Animation Studios has debuted this exclusive concept image from its upcoming comedy adventure, just in time to make you feel good about your own December.

In this variation on the classic children’s tale The Snow Queen, kind-hearted Anna (voiced by Kristen Bell) and her cliffhanging friend Kristoff (whose voice actor hasn’t been revealed yet) venture into the mountains to find her older sister Elsa (Idina Menzel) — who has the power to control wind and ice.

The perpetual winter their region is suffering through … Yeah, big sister is causing that.


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