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'Star Wars' sequels: Think of the children!

For the last two years, my kid has repeatedly asked me multiple variations of the same question: When are they making another Star Wars movie? A know-it-all classmate had assured him that a new sequel was coming out very soon, and no matter how many times I explained that the movie franchise was finished, my now-7-year-old refused to accept that. I understood his frustration: He was born two months after the final Star Wars movie, Revenge of the Sith, opened in theaters, so although he understands the original trilogy’s place in pop-culture and how the prequels fit in to that universe, all six films were before his time. He never got to experience a Star Wars film in real time — the anticipation, the hype, the spectacle — on a big screen.

So yesterday, when George Lucas and Disney announced their billion-dollar agreement that included another trilogy, the first chapter of which would arrive in 2015, I had never been so happy to be wrong. Breaking the good news to him felt like a gift, and his brain quickly shifted into posing the same questions that the rest of the Internet is tackling right now: What will the story be? Will Luke be in it? Will Chewbacca have gray hair? READ FULL STORY

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