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'Toy Story of Terror': A 'Scream' for the smaller set

Want to give your kids a horror-film education — but think they’re just a little too young to watch Drew Barrymore get dismembered? Here’s a simple solution: Just plop them in front of Toy Story of Terror, a sitcom-length special that debuts on network TV tonight.

Older fans are, of course, welcome to enjoy the show as well — like any Pixar property, it’s designed for viewers of all ages. (Anyone 20ish or older will be especially amused by a new character called Combat Carl, voiced with perfect action-hero bravado by Rocky and Arrested Development star Carl Weathers.) But younger viewers stand to gain the most, since TSoT isn’t just a short featuring some of the studio’s most beloved characters; it’s a genuinely spooky half-hour that doubles as a clever, concise deconstruction of horror as a genre.

Fergie joins husband Josh Duhamel for guest voice role on 'Fanboy & Chum Chum' Halloween episode -- EXCLUSIVE CLIP

Your daily dose of morning cartoons comes with a bonus celeb voice on Wednesday: In a special Halloween episode of Nickelodeon’s Fanboy & Chum Chum, Fergie joins husband Josh Duhamel, who voices recurring character Ozwald “Oz” Harmounian.

The Black Eyed Peas singer will voice Copy Kitten, a super-villain who goes up against the show’s eponymous heroes. Check out an EW exclusive clip below, when Copy Kitten takes her husband Oz hostage. READ FULL STORY

Musical trailer for book 'My First Ghost' -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO


Some kids are scared of ghosts, others live for the thrill of a transparent friend.

For those who have kids who fall into the second camp, the new picture book My First Ghost (complete with a ghost inside!) is sure to be a treat, not a trick.

In the style of My First Pet books, authors Maggie Miller and Michael Leviton wrote a story about caring for your very first ghost, singing about a friend “you can’t see or touch.” Along with colorful retro video of kids hanging with their invisible friend, the song declares: “Buy the book with the ghost inside, and your house will be officially haunted.”

Whether you’re more a Casper girl or a fan of Nearly Headless Nick, this musical trailer for the story is sure to get stuck in your head, just in time for Halloween.

Check it out below: READ FULL STORY

'Girl Vs. Monster': Bigger than 'Halloweentown' says producer

Continuing an enduring tradition of Halloween-themed TV movies, tonight Disney Channel premieres Girl vs. Monster, which chronicles the adventures of a girl named Skylar (Olivia Holt from Disney XD’s Kickin’ It) who learns that her parents are monster hunters.

The film has a veteran Disney Channel producer in its ranks: Sheri Singer, who has produced 15 TV movies for the cable network, including all four Halloweentown movies.

Singer notes that Girl vs. Monster shares a lot of traits with Halloweentown – much like Marnie, who discovers that she’s a witch in the 1998 movie, Skylar has a whole new world opened up to her when she takes on monster-hunting herself. And like pretty much all movies on the network, there’s a Disney lesson to be learned by the time the credits roll – in this case, it’s own up to your fears, know it’s okay to be afraid, and face your fears.

But Girl vs. Monster also has a few stamps of a new era. Most prominent of all is its incorporation of music. Skylar, along with best friend/crush Ryan (Luke Benward), are aspiring musicians. There are five original songs in the movie. READ FULL STORY

Disney Channel to celebrate Halloween with new original movie 'Girl Vs. Monster' -- EXCLUSIVE TRAILER

TV monster-hunters have amassed quite the fan following in recent years thanks to shows like Supernatural and Grimm. Now there’s some new monster-hunting entertainment coming soon to TV that features a little less gore and violence and a little more family-friendly adventuring.

Disney Channel’s upcoming original movie Girl Vs. Monster stars Olivia Holt as Skylar, a girl who prides herself in not being scared of anything. But when she discovers that her parents are monster-hunters, she has to battle her fears of some really freaky creatures.

EW has the exclusive trailer for the TV movie. Check it out below:


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