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Mary Grandpre talks 'Harry Potter' and new children's book


If you think about it, dreamland is kind of like the magical world of Harry Potter. Whimsy is encouraged, and it can seem like anything is possible. So it’s no surprise that Mary GrandPré — the American Harry Potter illustrator whose jewel tones and bright swirls are synonymous with a certain boy wizard for a generation of kids — would be drawn to the real-life dream world in Jennifer Dewing’s latest children’s book, Goodnight Little Elizabeth.

The “Elizabeth” moniker is changeable to your child’s name, making each story about going off to bed a personalized keepsake. “I was hired to create all the pictures and design the book so that various names and name sizes could be incorporated throughout the book,” GrandPré explained to EW. “There has to be enough places for a long name and then a shorter name. A lot of the artwork was done on separate boards so that they could be pieced together according to the child’s name. Every book is printed and put together one at a time as a special order item. So the book you have [Elizabeth] lays out differently than a book with the name ‘Sue’ or ‘Jeff.’ [This uniqueness] is a first time experience for me.”

Read on for a Q&A where GrandPré discusses how her illustrations come together, her aesthetic and even her memories about Potter. READ FULL STORY

Accio 'Potted Potter'! 'Harry' parody returns to New York City -- EXCLUSIVE PHOTO

How do Jefferson Turner and Daniel Clarkson condense all 4,224 pages of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter saga into just 70 minutes of stage time? With charm, pluck, and the magic of improvisation: “We’re constantly changing it, constantly trying to keep it fresh for ourselves as well as the audience,” Turner tells EW. “We try to make it so that no two shows are exactly alike.” READ FULL STORY

Merlin's beard! 'Harry Potter' superfan builds incredible 400,000-piece Hogwarts model


You may be able to recite the Sorting Hat’s song and rattle off different spells, but don’t get into a “Who’s the Bigger Harry Potter Fan?” contest with Alice Finch. The certifiable Potterhead spent 12 months building an incredible 400,000-piece, 170-square-foot Lego replica of Hogwarts Castle that puts your fan fiction to shame. READ FULL STORY

'Harry Potter' stars Oliver and James Phelps experience a fan first

It’s been 12 years since the first Harry Potter movie hit theaters, and you’d think Oliver and James Phelps, who played George and Fred Weasley, have seen it all. But in New York City for a few days to sign autographs at Harry Potter: The Exhibition (open through April 7 at Discovery Times Square), they shared a fan first: “One girl came in with a toilet seat,” James says, in honor of their characters’ penchant for blowing up toilets in the books. “I’d love to have seen her just walking through Times Square carrying a toilet seat.” Jokes Oliver: “I don’t know if it was screwed on, or if she bought it on the way here.” Either way, they signed it, and they agree the bar has now been raised.

These days, James is hoping to do more theater after making his stage debut earlier this month in the comedy The Boy Who Was Woody Allen (and planning to smuggle 3 Musketeers bars and boxes of Lucky Charms back to the UK), while Oliver is enjoying doing some travel writing for his website JopWorld.com (and prefers to collect sports jerseys on his trips — thank you, Rangers). But they still happily posed by their costumes and wands for EW.com and took a few of our questions:


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