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'iCarly' favorites join 'Sam & Cat' for special episode -- EXCLUSIVE CLIP


As if the Kids’ Choice Awards airing Saturday night wasn’t enough good TV for one night, Nickelodeon is also airing a special hour-long episode of Sam & Cat before the awards show.

In the episode, iCarly regulars show up — but it’s not a happy reunion for everyone. Nora (Danielle Morrow), the “#SuperPsycho” referred to in the episode’s title, plots revenge on Sam (Jennette McCurdy), as Nevel (Reed Alexander) tries to help Sam and Cat (Ariana Grande) escape her wrath.

“It’s just a really fun, big episode where we brought back some of the fans’ favorite characters from the past to join Sam and Cat,” showrunner Dan Schneider tells EW. “I think the audience will go nuts over it.” READ FULL STORY

Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards 2013: Your slime recap!

Twilight‘s Kristen Stewart, One Direction, The Hunger Games, Selena Gomez, Victorious, and Katy Perry were all winners at last night’s Kids’ Choice Awards on Nickelodeon. But that’s not why you were watching, was it? When it comes to the KCA, it’s all about the slime. We were promised a Slime Dunk, a Mega-Slime, and more — and Nick, along with host Josh Duhamel in an array of silly costumes, mostly delivered. EW.com social media goddess Nika Vagner and I Vine-capped the whole affair on EW’s Twitter. Below we present, uninterrupted, all the squishy, icky, green-and-gooey goodness. (UPDATE: Check out the full winner’s list.)


Scott Baio to appear at the Kids' Choice Awards; plus three new presenters: EXCLUSIVE

Gregg DeGuire/WireImage

Scott Baio and the rest of the See Dad Run cast will make a special appearance at Nickelodeon’s 26th Annual Kids’ Choice Awards (March 23), EW has learned. Also on the stage that night and serving as presenters will be Ariana Grande, Jennette McCurdy (both from Nick’s upcoming series Sam & Cat) , and Miranda Cosgrove (iCarly), who is nominated for Favorite TV Actress.

“I’m excited to be a part of Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Awards this year.  I’ve had a blast watching the show the last few years with my daughter, Bailey, but this will be the first time I’ll be up close and personal with the ever-elusive green slime,” says Baio.

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'iCarly' alum Jerry Trainor stars in new Nick at Nite comedy 'Wendell & Vinnie' -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Have your kids — or even you (we won’t tell!) — had a spaghetti taco-shaped hole in their hearts since iCarly went off the air in November?

If so, this clip might help ease your pain. It’s a new promo for Wendell & Vinnie, an upcoming Nick at Nite comedy that stars Jerry Trainor — a.k.a. Carly’s wacky older brother Spencer — as Vinnie, a manchild who is forced to grow up when he becomes the guardian of his 12-year-old nephew Wendell (Buddy Handleson of Shake It Up). Think of it as The Odd Couple meets Big Daddy, or a Judd Apatow movie revamped for a family network.


'iCarly' and 'Victorious' spinoff coming to Nickelodeon

iCarly lives!

Well, sort of. Nickelodeon announced today that it’s given the greenlight to a new series called Sam & Cat. The comedy will star Jennette McCurdy and Ariana Grande as Sam Puckett and Cat Valentine, two characters who originally appeared on iCarly and Victorious, respectively. Sam & Cat sees the titular two becoming unlikely roommates who launch an after-school babysitting business. Like iCarly and Victorious, the new series was dreamed up by kiddie hitmaker Dan Schneider.

“Jennette and Ariana are adored by our audience, and it’s great to unite these talented actresses in this hilarious new comedy from Dan Schneider,” Nickelodeon exec Russell Hicks said in a statement.  “This show promises to deliver on what our audience loves most about these two favorite characters — laugh-out-loud humor and non-stop adventure, and is sure to be a compelling new chapter for our new comedic duo.”

Sam & Cat will hit TV screens in 2013. Production on the series begins this January.

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'iCarly' series finale draws strong ratings

In its 2009 heyday, Nickelodeon’s iCarly was drawing massive ratings that would have delighted any network — let alone a basic cable channel. (The two-part special “iQuit iCarly” drew nearly 10 million viewers when it first aired, making it one of 2009’s top 30 cable telecasts.)

And while the series’s finale last Friday didn’t exactly break any records, its numbers are very solid: Nick reports that the hour-long episode drew 6.4 million viewers and strong demo numbers, making it November’s top telecast among kids and tweens. All in all, Nickelodeon ended the month as basic cable’s top network with kids 2-11, as well as total viewers. Spaghetti tacos for all!

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Fans will finally meet Carly's dad in 'iCarly' finale

Break out the spaghetti tacos — Carly’s dad is coming home.

The end is near, which means it’s time to have some emotional reunions. For the last episode of Nickelodeon show iCarly, Carly’s dad, Colonel Shay, will finally make an appearance.

He’s been stationed overseas for the entire five-season run of the show, and Carly missing her dad is regularly a plot point. When Michelle Obama guest-starred earlier this year, the First Lady talked about military families, and how understandably difficult it can be to be separated.

Happily, a meet-up is in store for the dad/daughter duo. On the final, special hour-long episode of the program, “Spencer (Jerry Trainor) offers to take Carly (Miranda Cosgrove) to the Air Force father-daughter dance when their dad, Colonel Shay, isn’t able to accompany her because of his overseas deployment. When Spencer gets sick and can’t take her, Freddie (Nathan Kress) and Gibby (Noah Munck) try to cheer Carly up by offering to go with her. Colonel Shay surprises everyone when he arrives just in time to take Carly to the dance.”


'iCarly': The whole gang gets animated -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO


iCarly’s web show may be well known (Even Michelle Obama has dropped by!) but on Saturday, it gets a new twist.

The web clips have always been zany, but this time around, the gang looks just a little bit different than normal…they’re animated!

In an exclusive preview clip, you can see Carly, Sam, and the others in the animated short “Hungry Sam” – and acting just a bit strangely. From “wigopedia” to “green glue,” the clip has a ton of funny details. In the rest of Saturday’s episode, “iBust a Thief,” Sam’s laptop gets stolen and the gang tries to help track down the thief. Meanwhile, Spencer can’t visit his favorite arcade unless he’s accompanied by a child – which is great news for him when he learns that Guppy needs a babysitter.

Check out animated Carly and Co. below:


'iCarly' star Jerry Trainor's EW Pop Culture Personality Test

Williams & Hirakawa

With his role as Spencer, the wacky brother on iCarly, coming to an end during the show’s sixth and final season and a new starring role in Nick at Nite’s Wendell & Vinnie set to begin next year, it’s an interesting time to catch up with actor Jerry Trainor. (iCarly returns tonight with a much touted episode guest-starring Jimmy Fallon.) “It’s bittersweet that iCarly‘s ending. It was such a tight family. And I watched the kids grow up. I knew Miranda [Cosgrove] since Drake and Josh days. So, you know, when we shot the final episode it was hard to get through some of those scenes…. Lots of waterworks. All from me. I’m a big baby. Everybody else was like ‘Keep it together, old man.'”

He promises lots of cameos in this final season, including ones from Tina Fey, Emma Stone, and the Pawn Stars folk (those last ones in an episode directed by the Groundlings-trained Trainor). And while he won’t spill about the finale (only that it’s “very much a farewell and it is awesome”), he did tell us some other things we want to know. Such as…

EW: Do you scream in real-life as much as you do on iCarly?

JT: [Sheepishly] Yes. I do. It’s more for emphasis. But I try to keep it targeted. Like I’ll just be sitting here talking to you and go ‘NICE NECKLACE!’ Then you know… that’s a nice necklace.

Um, thank you. Were you always a yeller? I thought it might have been something engrained in you from your years on iCarly.

It’s definitely become second nature. But I was always what you’d call an amplified person.


Tina Fey to appear with Jimmy Fallon on 'iCarly' -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Jimmy Fallon will have some celebrity company when he guest-stars on iCarly this Saturday: His old SNL “Weekend Update” co-anchor, Tina Fey, is joining in the family-friendly fun, EW has learned. In the episode, titled “iShock America,” Fallon is so impressed by a few spoofs of his skits that were performed by Carly (Miranda Cosgrove) & co., he asks them to perform live on Late Night. The 30 Rock star/creator makes a brief cameo appearance during Fallon’s video chat invitation, which sends the gang packing for the Big Apple.

Saturday’s one-hour episode kicks off the second half of the Nick comedy’s fifth and final season, which wraps up in November. (Upcoming episodes include appearances by Emma Stone and the guys from Pawn Stars.) Fey, of course, will soon bid farewell to her show, as NBC’s 30 Rock kicks off its seventh and final season on Thursday.

Want a preview of this weekend’s iCarly action? Click on the video below to see how Fey helps out a friend in need.


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