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Rebecca Woolf: 'Madagascar 3' is my favorite 2012 movie. Who'd have thought it?

Rebecca Woolf of Girl’s Gone Child is a mom of four who’s considered by many (especially us!) to be the top mom blogger out there. She’s joining our little EW family and will tackle that wonderful space where pop culture and parenting overlap.

I’m not an animation person. Try as I have (a thousand times) I cannot get into animated stories. Shows, films, short films, music videos, commercials, cartoons, short cartoons, “best animated” short subjects—I can’t do any of them. I’ve spent countless hours pretending to enjoy shows like South Park and Family Guy with friends and boyfriends (and husbands) who CANNOT. GET. ENOUGH.

Even as a child I chose Mary Poppins over Cinderella, The Gnome Mobile over Snow White, The Parent Trap (Hayley Mills) over pretty much everything. These were stories of real people who looked like real people trying to navigate conflicts that were a little more… real.

Not that fantasy didn’t entertain me. I was just far more interested in jumping into chalk paintings with Michael than navigating epic chase scenes with cartoon characters and their cartoon character shenanigans.

So I found myself in unfamiliar territory several weeks ago when I took my two eldest children (ages three and seven) to see Madagascar 3, a film I knew nothing about. A film whose prequels I hadn’t even seen. A film I assumed I’d sit through reluctantly as usual. A film I absolutely loved.


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