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Lightning McQueen revs his engine off-road in Pixar's new Radiator Springs short -- EXCLUSIVE

Cars 2 was an enormous box-office hit, but as Mater skipped around the globe as an oblivious player in the world of espionage, fans of the original film may have felt a little homesick for Radiator Springs. Fortunately, Lightning McQueen’s adopted hometown gets another close-up in The Radiator Springs 500 ½.

The entire cast of voices from the films, including Owen Wilson, is back for this six-minute short, which will premiere later this spring exclusively on Disney Movies Anywhere. The gang is enjoying a Founders Day celebration to honor the late Stanley when a gang of Baja racers descend on the town and challenge Lightning to a race.

“We kind of played it up like a western,” says Rob Gibbs, the Mater’s Tall Tales vet who directed the short along with Scott Morse. “These off-road racers come to town, like gunslingers looking for the hottest gunslinger in Radiator Springs, Lightning McQueen. They challenge him to a race, like someone would challenge someone to a duel.”

As you can see from the photo, Lightning isn’t one to walk (drive?) away from a challenge. While he and the Baja pros see who’s the fastest, Mater leads the rest of the gang through a leisurely Founders Day tour of Stanley’s original frontier route. “It’s kind of a contrast between how much fun the tour is and how scary and painful the racers’ journey is, because they take a right where Mater told them to take a left,” says Gibbs. READ FULL STORY

'Free Birds' trailer: Turkeys want off the Thanksgiving menu -- VIDEO

In Free Birds, Owen Wilson and Woody Harrelson play turkeys who travel back in time! Jake (Harrelson), calls upon Reggie (Wilson), a turkey who has been pardoned by the president and now lives in luxury, to join him on a mission to go back to the first Thanksgiving and make sure turkeys never get on the menu.

Expect a lot of jokes like this:
“Turkey, sir, how did we address it?”
“Uh, with cranberry sauce.”

Amy Poehler and George Takei also lend their voices. Plus, there’s a Green Day song. Watch the trailer below:


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