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'Sesame Street': Anna Kendrick demonstrates the word 'absorb' with Elmo and Abby -- VIDEO

Acting with puppets was nothing new for Anna Kendrick when she visited Sesame Street. The Pitch Perfect star had appeared in a music video with the Fraggles, Ben Folds Five and Chris Hardwick in 2012.

“All I need to do now is the Muppets, and I’ve got the ultimate trifecta,” Kendrick told EW on the set of Sesame Street.

With her previous bit of acting alongside Jim Henson creations, Kendrick knew to expect the puppeteers to chat with her, in character, via their puppets, during her time on set. But even that didn’t quite prepare Kendrick for when little Abby Cadabby the fairy told her, “I really liked your arc and range in Up in the Air.”

“That was a freaky experience,” the Oscar-nominee said.

She teamed up with Abby and Elmo for Sesame Street‘s “Word on the Street” segment, where she teaches kids about the word “absorb.” If Kendrick could have picked any other Sesame Street resident to join her for the segment, she’d invite Mr. Snuffleupagus, a favorite from her days watching the PBS program as a kid.

“But I think that might be a little hard to get in frame — me and Snuffleupagus,” the diminutive actress noted.

Check out Kendrick’s Sesame Street appearance below: READ FULL STORY

Actress-novelist Lauren Graham teaches kids the word 'author' on 'Sesame Street' -- VIDEO

Only in Hollywood: The same week that Gilmore Girls alum Lauren Graham was asked to appear on Sesame Street, she also got an offer to appear on RuPaul’s Drag Race.

“I was just marveling at the range of opportunities out there,” Graham told EW.

The Drag Race gig didn’t work out due to scheduling conflicts, but Graham did have a chance to visit Sesame Street last June during the show’s Celeb Week — when the Muppets and their puppeteers ship off to Los Angeles for a week to tape segments with celebrity after celebrity.

Graham’s segment teaches kids about the word “author” — an apt choice, since her debut novel Someday, Someday Maybe hit the New York Times Best Seller list last year.


'True Blood' star Rutina Wesley teaches kids the word 'plan,' meets some vampire Muppets on 'Sesame Street' -- VIDEO

When True Blood star Rutina Wesley visited Sesame Street, she probably didn’t plan on meeting any vampires (the Count wasn’t around that day). But Tara Thornton’s real-life alter ego still managed to encounter some fellow vampires when she filmed a segment for the PBS show last June.

“My fangs are still growing in,” Elmo told Wesley, proudly baring his big toothless grin. The furry red monster and scene partner Abby Cadabby then presented the guest star with their best vampire hisses. (So faerie-vampires do exist.)

Wesley joined Elmo and Abby for Sesame Street‘s “Word on the Street” segment to teach kids about the word “plan.” Check out her guest appearance in the video below, then read on for more of EW’s details from the set. READ FULL STORY

One Direction visits 'Sesame Street' to teach us about 'U' -- VIDEO


One Direction has added a new stop to their Where We Are tour, which kicks off April 25 in Colombia — but this location isn’t a place you’ll find on the back of a T-shirt. The popular boy band will make an appearance on Sesame Street in the fall singing about, what else? U, of course!

…The letter “U,” that is. The quintet — Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, and Zayn Malik — will join the hit PBS show to teach us all about the 21st letter of the alphabet with a catchy song that will probably sound more than a little familiar to die-hard 1D fans (hint: think a certain 2011 hit single).

Check out the preview clip below for some pure adorableness (and seriously, boys aside, that “U” puppet is pretty darn cute too.)

'Sesame Street': Ginnifer Goodwin and Abby Cadabby go on an adventure -- VIDEO

Once Upon a Time star Ginnifer Goodwin has made a trip to Sesame Street, and, naturally, it’s a guest appearance that befits a princess. Taking a break from what the actress calls “her day job” playing Snow White on Once Upon a Time, Goodwin teams up with fairy Muppet Abby Cadabby to teach kids about the word “adventure.”

Goodwin learned that Sesame Street wanted her on the show via an email from her publicist. Having grown up watching the PBS series with her younger sister, Goodwin’s reply was pretty enthusiastic: “I believe my response was in all-caps, and there was a lot of cursing and happiness,” she told EW. READ FULL STORY

Hank Azaria mimics Cookie Monster, Grover, and more on 'Sesame Street' -- VIDEO

Grover may be owed some thanks for all the superb voice acting Hank Azaria has done on The Simpsons. The blue Muppet was the first character Azaria ever did an impression of, long before he found success in both voice performance and live-action work.

“I remember talking like Grover as a little kid,” said Azaria, who was 5 years old when Sesame Street first aired. “I was at the exact right age… so it was a huge event in my life when Sesame Street premiered.”

Azaria appears on Sesame Street alongside Elmo, but while on set he made sure to find time to meet Eric Robertson, who has puppeteered Grover since 2001.

In Azaria’s “Word on the Street” segment, he teaches Elmo — and young viewers at home — the meaning of the word “imposter.” He dons hats that look like Cookie Monster and other Sesame Street characters, while taking on their recognizable voices. Naturally, the episode will air on Halloween.

NASA-approved 'Space Racers' coming to public television in 2014

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! Nope — it’s Space Racers, an upcoming TV series aimed at preschoolers that hopes to do for science what previous programs have done for language, counting, and problem-solving. The show’s secret weapon? Nothing less than NASA, which is attached as a technical consultant.

The series follows a group of five talented young spaceships — speedy Eagle, strong Hawk, smart Robyn, brave Starling, and competitive Raven — who are students at the Stardust Space Academy. As the ships travel throughout the solar system, they’ll teach their viewers about “exploration, investigation, observation, and how to work together as a team,” according to a release.

Creator and executive producer Richard Schweiger says that the idea for the series first came to him at Washington, D.C.’s National Air and Space Museum five years ago. While watching his two boys play around with rocket ships purchased at the museum’s gift shop, he was struck by an idea: “I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, how amazing would it be to do a show where the characters are the spaceships, and the spaceships can go on missions through the solar system?” he explains to EW.


J.R. Martinez talks about feelings on 'Sesame Street' with Elmo -- VIDEO

From its program Talk, Listen, Connect to its half-hour special “Coming Home: Military Families Cope With Change,” Sesame Street has found several ways to reach members of its young audience dealing with the hardships that come with having a family member deployed.

Now the PBS kids series has brought aboard army veteran J.R. Martinez for a segment about feelings. For his segment, which aired on Sesame Street this Thursday, Martinez touches on his experience in Iraq, where he suffered severe burns when his Humvee hit a roadside bomb. He tells kids that his skin was badly hurt and that talking about your feelings can help you through tough times.

Elmo shared the screen with Martinez for his guest appearance. Above, he’s pictured with Murray, whom he joined for a parenting tip segment.

Check out Martinez’s Sesame Street segment about feelings below:


Jesse Williams guest stars on 'Sesame Street' to teach kids the word 'furious' -- VIDEO

For Sesame Street visitors of all ages, characters like Elmo, Grover, and Cookie Monster aren’t just pieces of felt and faux fur on a human arm — they’re living, breathing creatures.

“There’s a real alchemy with puppets. It’s like magic,” Sesame Street head writer and puppeteer Joey Mazzarino tells EW. “You put it on, it comes to life, and you lose the thing behind it, whether it’s me or one of the other puppeteers.”

Grey’s Anatomy actor Jesse Williams felt that same alchemy when he filmed a guest appearance on Sesame Street. Williams appears on Thursday’s episode, teaching viewers about the word “furious” alongside Elmo and a fly named Felix. READ FULL STORY

See Curious George's spooktacular 'kinda sorta haunted house' -- EXCLUSIVE


There will the thrills and chills aplenty — in a gentle, family-friendly sort of way — in Curious George: A Halloween Boo Fest, an upcoming PBS Kids special that finds the mischievous monkey and his yellow-hatted pal celebrating the holiday in style.

In Boo Fest, George and his human pal Allie set off on a quest to discover whether the “Legend of No Noggin” — a story about a spooky scarecrow who haunts the countryside — is true. Along the way, George tries to find the perfect Halloween costume and also stops by a “kinda sorta haunted house” — as you’ll see in the adorable musical clip below.


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