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Pop on Pop: How G-rated minds (sometimes) handle R-rated glimpses

I was shooting a Nazi in the skull the other day when my toddler walked into the room.

Moms, Dads … we’ve all been there. Ammiright?

On our television was a game called Sniper Elite V2, a first-person shooter in which you play an American soldier prowling the bombed-out streets of Berlin at the end of World War II, hunting Hitler loyalists and killing or capturing Nazi rocket scientists. My wife and soon-to-be 3-year-old were playing together in my daughter’s bedroom, and I was kicking back on the couch in the living room, enjoying some all-too-rare time with my old friend Xbox.

There is definitely a worse thing to have your kid walk in on, but being caught in flagrante delicto with a piece of R-rated pop culture is a close second.


Pop on Pop: It's Geeky Dad vs. Girly-Girl in the battle of the pop-culture favorites

Let’s be totally honest and admit most moms and dads look forward to raising new and improved versions of themselves.

As a new parent, you love what you get, no matter what, but I think there’s a not-so-hidden part of us that longs to relive all the old joys of our own childhood and hopefully correcting any mistakes that were made along the way.

I was that way. When the OB-GYN passed his magic wand over my wife’s belly, revealing that we’d be having a little girl in 2009, my synapses were firing like a Fourth of July fireworks finale: A girl! Oh my God, a girl. I’m going to be the father of a little girl!!

With that ultrasound discovery, this nebulous concept of our first child took her first step toward identity. A girl. Now the question was: What kind of girl would she be? Though she would eventually decide for herself what she’d become, I told my wife that day I hoped she’d be the kind of girl with a big imagination, who loved aliens, and robots, and superheroes as much as princesses and fairies.  READ FULL STORY

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