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'Now Let's Dance' along with Dan Zanes and Elizabeth Mitchell -- VIDEO


Family-oriented folk stars Dan Zanes and Elizabeth Mitchell with You Are My Flower have teamed up to release a new album, Turn Turn Turn. But before the album’s Aug. 27 release, Zanes and Mitchell invite fans of all ages to “twirl and whirl” in the music video premiere for their single “Now Let’s Dance.”

Zanes and Mitchell are also set to perform on Sprout’s Sunny Side Up Show, a live programming block aimed at preparing preschoolers to start the day.

Watch Dan Zanes and Elizabeth Mitchell with You Are My Flower perform “Now Let’s Dance” in an outdoor groove session here:

'The Chica Show' and 'LazyTown' return, plus more Sprout new programming

Today, Sprout announced its new crop of original programming aimed at children ages 2-5 and their parents. Expect pandas, shrinking kids, and lots of wordplay. Here’s a list of the shows to look forward to:

-Ruff-Ruff, Tweet & Dave: Debuting next year, this interactive game show allows audience members to answer multiple choice questions, on their smart phones or tablets, as the main characters move through different lands. Ruff-Ruff is a dog, tweet is a bird, but Dave, excitingly enough, is a panda.

-The Chica Show:  Lovable chicken, Chica, returns July 29 for her second season. Look for new adventures like ”Fashion Fun, Starstruck Dreams and a Dinosaur Romp.” READ FULL STORY

Laurie Berkner ready to 'Sing It' over on Sprout: EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Laurie Berkner’s new animated shorts series Sing it, Laurie! debuts this Monday, March 25 as part of a Sprout music block (noon-4p.m. ET), and the best-selling singer couldn’t be happier to see it — along with the animated version of herself — come to life.

“Seeing the characters singing and moving is so exciting and is more than my little brain was able to imagine,” she joked. “And I think Little Airplanes [studio] does such good work with that. It’s beautiful to me.”

The series follows a little girl (voiced by Berkner) who uses her music to understand the world around her. Every episode, a minute and 50 seconds long,  will feature a new song, as well as the voice of Grammy-nominated musician Lisa Loeb (who plays a set of twins named Mellie and Nellie). Sing It, Laurie! is produced by Little Airplane, the studio behind Wonder Pets and Small Potatoes.

“There’s a little bit of talking in it but it’s mostly a song, ” says Berkner. “I have a little intro before every episode where I hand things over to animated Laurie. You meet a lot of the characters from the show but there’s only one episode that I am actually in.  It’s called ‘Laurie and Me.'”

Take a look at an exclusive clip from that episode after the jump. READ FULL STORY

Mario Lopez talks playing an animated rag doll in new program 'The Chica Show' -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Chickens and costumes and rag dolls, oh my.

A new show aimed at preschoolers, The Chica Show, is about a talking chicken and her friends — both animal and human, real and animated. It is actually a spin-off of the popular program The Sunny Side Up Show. Chica features a childlike chicken, who helps her parents run the Costume Coop. But when the store closes, the Coop becomes rather Toy Story-esque with toys coming to life and ready to play pretend with Chica.

Mario Lopez, when he’s not hosting The X Factor, loved watching The Sunny Side Up Show with his two-year-old daughter, and the duo especially loved Chica the Chicken. So when he found out that Chica was getting her own show, “I jumped at it because I knew my daughter would love it and I would love it as well,” he said. “It’s so much fun. I like to think of Chica as [being] Latina. It’s a popular name in [Latin culture].”

Lopez portrays Stitches, a rag doll that comes to life in the off hours, and is also Chica’s best friend.  “He’s a loyal friend, he’s very positive and he loves to use his imagination, so those are all things I can relate to,” Lopez said. Stitches and Chica get into lots of adventures with each other. In one episode, the two form a band, and Stitches plays a pineapple guitar. They learn that practice makes perfect and the show also spotlights the importance of creativity. Warning to the over-five set: The songs they perform are actually quite catchy.

The creative and musical elements, along with an emphasis on the arts, are other reasons Lopez wanted to be involved. He also liked that the program, which is half-animation and half live action, was something everyone could get excited about. “[It’s just] good family entertainment that kids can watch with their parents and parents will enjoy with their kids,” Lopez said. “And obviously [it] targets the preschool crowd, the high-chair crowd.”

Check out an exclusive clip of Lopez as Stitches below: READ FULL STORY

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