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'Toy Story of Terror': A 'Scream' for the smaller set

Want to give your kids a horror-film education — but think they’re just a little too young to watch Drew Barrymore get dismembered? Here’s a simple solution: Just plop them in front of Toy Story of Terror, a sitcom-length special that debuts on network TV tonight.

Older fans are, of course, welcome to enjoy the show as well — like any Pixar property, it’s designed for viewers of all ages. (Anyone 20ish or older will be especially amused by a new character called Combat Carl, voiced with perfect action-hero bravado by Rocky and Arrested Development star Carl Weathers.) But younger viewers stand to gain the most, since TSoT isn’t just a short featuring some of the studio’s most beloved characters; it’s a genuinely spooky half-hour that doubles as a clever, concise deconstruction of horror as a genre.

Live-action 'Toy Story': Two fans' love letter to the film

It took Jonason Pauley and Jessie Perrotta two years of filming and about three months of prep to create a live-action version of the beloved Pixar film Toy Story, and it only took two days for the YouTube video to get more than 1.7 million views. “I’m kind of blown away,” Perotta, 21, tells EW.


Clip from Pixar's 'Toy Story' short 'Partysaurus Rex' shows how bath time is party time! -- VIDEO

We already know that in Pixar’s new Toy Story spin-off animated short Partysaurus Rex — which will play in front of Finding Nemo 3-D on Sept. 14 — the neurotic dino Rex becomes a party animal when his new owner Bonnie brings him to her bath time. Rex learns that all the armless bath toys are left motionless when there’s no water, and in this new clip from the short, we see him step in to save the day. Check it out below:  READ FULL STORY

FIRST LOOK: Pixar dives deep in new bath time 'Toy Story' short -- EXCLUSIVE

Given how short Rex’s arms are, it’s ironic that he’s the Toy Story world’s resident hand-wringer.

But in Pixar’s new animated short Partysaurus Rex (playing before Finding Nemo 3-D on Sept. 14), we discover that bath time is when the nervous-nellie plastic dinosaur finally lets himself get down and dirty.

“He’s sick of being the angel of goodness and sensibleness and caution and fear,” says voice actor Wallace Shawn, who has played the persnickety plaything since 1995. “He wants to stand on the side of pleasure and happiness and joy. … I live this drama every day of my life!” READ FULL STORY

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