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'Transformers Prime Beast Hunters: Predacons Rising': Watch the trailer here first!


This is the way Transformers Prime ends: Not with a bang, but a whole lot of bangs. And clangs. And crazy battles between noble, metamorphic Autobots and the ancient cybertronian life forms known as Predacons.

You’ll see it all in Transformers Prime Beast Hunters: Predacons Rising, the epic 90-minute epilogue to Transformers Prime. The feature film premieres on The Hub Network on Oct. 4 at 8 p.m. ET; four days later, it arrives on Blu-ray and DVD. Get a sneak peek at the action to come below; we promise it’ll be a transformative experience.

Will Friedle talks 'Transformers: Prime' and 'Girl Meets World'

In Transformers: Prime‘s three seasons, brash Autobot scout Bumblebee has never spoken a word — thanks to a nasty encounter with Megatron that left him without a voice box.

But as fans learned last weekend at Comic-Con, Bumblebee will finally get a chance to speak his mind in the cartoon’s upcoming series finale. And as a bonus, it turns out that the Transformer sounds a whole lot like Will Friedle — a prolific voice actor (Batman Beyond, Thundercats, Kim Possible) who’s nevertheless best known as Eric Matthews, Cory’s cute but dim brother on Boy Meets World.

Friedle calls the Transformers: Prime gig a dream job — especially since he didn’t know he was up for this particular part. “They were saying they were auditioning for a new character — I think he was called Blue Streak or something,” the actor told EW. Friedle learned that he had actually been drafted to voice one of the franchise’s most beloved figures about a month later. He calls the realization “one of those 8-year-old moments”: “It kind of reaffirms my childhood every time I think about the character.”


'Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters': Check out Bumblebee's new look -- EXCLUSIVE

As the final season of Transformers Prime begins, the heroic Autobots face a new enemy: the Predacons, who might just help the wicked Decepticons emerge victorious. And that’s not the only change on the horizon for the Transformers — Autobot Bumblebee is sporting a sleek new design this year, which you can get a closer look at in this exclusive, car commercial-inspired promo. Feel the Energon!


'Transformers Prime': Optimus Prime advises cute kid in exclusive clip from new DVD set

When Optimus Prime — a.k.a. voice actor Peter Cullen — tells you to be a good little boy, you’d best listen.

That’s exactly what happens in this adorable exclusive clip, an excerpt from the filmed Transformers Prime Comic-Con panel that appears in full on the animated series’ new 4-disc DVD/Blu-ray set. In addition to the cartoon’s complete second season and that Comic-Con panel — moderated by Larry King — the collection also includes interviews with the Transformers creative team. Get a load of Optimus Prime in the flesh below:


Nostalgia alert! 'Transformers Prime' take swipe at '80s cartoon in new promo -- EXCLUSIVE

Gird yourselves, ’80s enthusiasts — the Transformers are taking over The Hub this Thursday.

From 5:30 p.m. ET on Nov. 1 through 7 p.m. ET Nov. 2, the family channel is showing nothing but episodes of the CG-animated series Transformers Prime — all leading up to the show’s brand new season 2 finale. As if you needed another reason to watch 26 hours of Transformers, this exclusive promo — in which Megatron’s latest incarnation makes fun of Soundwave for transforming into a cassette player way back when — will appeal to both your current self and your inner child. Sigh; the space robots looked so young back then! Check out the video below:


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