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'Parenthood' and parenting: How true does it seem to you?

Parenthood began its new season last night, and as always, the series is not just entertaining — it gives any parent a lot to think about when it comes to parenting styles. We can enjoy the show for its mix of drama and comedy, but it’s so well-written and well-acted, it also holds up to some scrutiny when it comes to parenting styles:

• Adam and Kristina: They’re the most harried, the most adaptable, the most strained. They survived Haddie’s mild rebellious streak, they deal with Max’s Asperger syndrome with the human mixture of admirable patience and understandable frustration, and they have a new baby who doesn’t seem to get lost in the constant movement of their lives. READ FULL STORY

'Bunheads' season finale review: A 'Nutcracker' and a cliffhanger

Bunheads wrapped up its first season on Monday night with a production of The Nutcracker and a nifty cliffhanger. The series has become richer, to the point where it is easily the most engaging of the ABC Family channel’s series, and if it prods the younger members of its audience to take an interest in ballet and the Turner Classic Movie channel, well, jolly good for Bunheads.

'The Amazing World of Gumball' season premiere review: Wildly imaginative, with tantrums and giggles

There are few examples of mainstream children’s programming as wildly imaginative, as visually and narratively daring, as The Amazing World of Gumball, which began its second season on Tuesday evening. READ FULL STORY

'Bunheads' and the virtue of not 'getting' all the references

Randy Holmes/ABC Family

One of the ways young people of any age educate themselves, accrue knowledge more quickly, is to be faced with things with which they are unfamiliar: emotions, plot twists, history, words. The natural impulse for everyone, adults included, when confronted with something new, is to say to him- or herself, “What is that? Do other people understand what that means? I’ve got to find out what that means!”

These thoughts occurred to me last night, watching the latest episode of ABC Family’s Bunheads. The show, created by Amy Sherman-Palladino, the auteur behind Gilmore Girls. Bunheads‘ ongoing saga of the doughty Paradise Dance Academy, its struggling but essentially good-natured, mostly-female students, overseen by Kelly Bishop’s Madam Fanny and underpinned by the noodle-shaped sprite that is Sutton Foster as Michelle Simms, is one of the year’s more pleasurable debuts for ABC Family, a kind of televisual cleanse before the Tuesday junk food of Pretty Little Liars. READ FULL STORY

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