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Nickelodeon's 'AwesomenessTV' just the latest YouTube-to-TV success story

AwesomenessTV — a YouTube channel with its own series, sketches and musicians — is making the jump to television tonight: The formerly online-only channel will premiere a half-hour comedy on Nickelodeon that includes fresh material stirred in with YouTube clips. Daniela Monet (Victorious) will host the show, also called AwesomenessTV, and continue to work for the online outlet, which has garnered more than 1 billion YouTube views.

AwesomenessTV CEO Brian Robbins told Variety that the YouTube channel will continue to be the first priority, but said they’re looking forward to finding more viewers. “The long-term goal is to build audience and own eyeballs over time,” he said. “It might take a little time for ad revenue to catch up. But an eyeball is an eyeball is an eyeball — no matter where it is, on TV or online.”

Nickelodeon is not new to the concept of adopting content from the web: The channel worked with Lucas Cruikshank (better known as Fred on YouTube) on three films. Cartoon Network picked up Annoying Orange, a YouTube channel with more than a billion hits, and created The High Fructose Adventures of Annoying Orange. Those adorable AT&T ads featuring roundtable chats with kids started out as the brainchild of a YouTube star: Beck Bennett was an aspiring actor and comedian with thousands of hits on the video site when he got his big break in the spots.

So is YouTube just a springboard for bigger and better things?

Viral video star Sophia Grace releases first music video for 'Girls Just Gotta Have Fun'


Go ahead and file this under ‘Things that Were Inevitable.’

After more than a year of performing covers of pop and rap songs on Ellen — not to mention becoming essentially Ellen’s official awards show correspondents — viral video star Sophia Grace Brownlee (with silent support from cousin Rosie McClelland) has her very own song and music video for “Girls Just Gotta Have Fun.” It’s — no surprise here — very pink. It’s also a bit disappointing that the song feels like an auto-tuned, dubstep heavy club mix, because the whole reason people were amused by Sophia Grace is the first place is that the girl can really sing. Rosie, however, is still the very best 6-year-old silent hype girl anyone could possibly find.

Watch below: READ FULL STORY

'Sesame Street' celebrates one billion YouTube views with a message from the Count -- VIDEO

Can you count to one billion?

YouTube can — and according to the video-sharing site, Sesame Street has officially become the first nonprofit to garner enough views to give “Gangnam Style” a run for its money. “Access to educational video used to be restricted to whatever tapes or DVDs happened to be in the library or at home,” YouTube EDU strategic partner manager Caitlin Hendrickson tells EW. “Now, high quality, entertaining, and informative content is available on demand wherever there’s an Internet connection. As a result, education is one of the fastest growing content categories on YouTube and Sesame Street is at the forefront of this growth.”

Naturally, the beloved kiddie institution is celebrating this milestone the best way it knows how — with a pair of special messages from Sesame Street‘s resident number-lover, Count Von Count.

In a post on the YouTube Blog, the Count pays tribute to one of his favorites, the number zero. (“Zero comes in very handy when there is nothing around to count… Like right now, as I look around the castle, I count zero elephants, zero airplanes, and zero Justin Bieber CDs. Wonderful.”) And in this exuberant video, he counts all the “You”s in YouTube — a project worthy of his considerable talents. Check it out below:


'Schoolhouse Rock!' meets 'Star Wars': Love!

I’ve already proclaimed my love for Schoolhouse Rock!, and our Star Wars obsession around here (and here) is without question, so it should be no surprise that this mash-up of Star Wars scenes to the tune of “Interjection!” would make my heart sing. Not to mention put the song into my head (and yours) for the rest of the day. You’re welcome!

While it’s not as Twitter friendly as the president’s “Jedi mind-meld” of Star Trek and Star Wars, it’s still a lot of fun. Take a look at the clever video after the jump but WARNING: one of the last interjections isn’t really for kids.


Family fun 'Harlem Shake' style

A new week, a new viral craze. It’s only Monday, and I can’t escape the plethora of ‘Harlem Shake’ videos out there. Seriously, I can’t get it out of my head. Probably because I can’t seem to stop watching these different videos that use the same 30-second clip from DJ Bauuer’s 2012 ‘Harlem Shake’ dance mix, and starts off with one person gyrating crazily while others around them remain sedate, and then explodes to everyone in the scene also gyrating, but with either less clothes on or with costumes on or standing on something or… you get the picture.  And sadly, some part of me wishes I’d pulled off this particular one from the Shaytards. READ FULL STORY

Sesame Street releases 'Downton Abbey' spoof -- VIDEO

In the style of Birdwalk Empire and Mad Men, the Sesame Street gang is at it again, this time spoofing fellow PBS dweller Downton Abbey or, should we say, Upside Downton Abbey, where things are just a bit topsy-turvy. The Dowager Countess knows best: One simply cannot be right side up in Upside Downton Abbey, no matter how much Robert might wish it so.

Watch below to see how the Dowager Countess deals with the changes to the Abbey, and envision Maggie Smith if a steak and kidney pie ever found its way onto her head. Poor Carson! READ FULL STORY

Mom tricks kid, makes him cry, and you get to watch! Fun! Right?

The Internet is flooded with videos that parents took of their kids, ranging from the hilarious to the disturbing. You tell me which category this one of a South Dakota mom tricking her kid into thinking he’d bought a $50,000 Mustang on eBay should fall into.


Little boy out-Dougies some cheerleaders and wins my heart

This video has got one cute kid with some smooth moves, Gangham style dancing and the Dougie (oh, and some hot cheerleaders). Seriously, need I say more?

Check out the video of little Christian (a.k.a. Little Fear) as he dances with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers cheerleaders last month.


Dragon Baby gets all 'Kill Bill' up in here

I generally try to stay unaffected by the plethora of heartstring-tugging baby videos that flood the Internet (or I’d get nothing done alternating between those and cute cat sites). But seeing this yellow jumpsuit-clad cutie take down a dangerous stuffed dragon made my morning.


'The Odd Life of Timothy Green' ending drives two kids to tears. What family films have done the same to you? -- VIDEO

Every weekend, parents around the country are faced with deciding if the movies playing at the multiplex are “safe” for their children to watch. Usually, “safe” translates to a G or PG rating. But, as any former child can tell you, some G-and-PG-rated movies geared for children can end up being the most traumatic moviegoing experiences of all.

Case in point, this weekend’s The Odd Life of Timothy Green. (Warning: SPOILERS follow, but parents may appreciate the advance warning!) READ FULL STORY

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