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'Wendell & Vinnie' deals with 'tricky' lesson about lying with guest star Lisa Kudrow

A trio of celebrated actors guest star on the newest episode of Wendell & Vinnie. Lisa Kudrow (Friends), Brent Spiner (Star Trek: The Next Generation), and Thomas Lennon (Reno 911!) all appear on the Nickelodeon show tonight, making for a “very surreal” time for Jerry Trainor, who plays Vinnie.

“It’s weird… I wish I could tell my younger self, ‘Yeah you’re gonna work with her one day. You see what they’re doing? You’ll be doing that one day, and it’ll be really great. It’ll be super fun.’ But then where’d the surprise be?” Trainor told EW, adding that Kudrow is “super sweet and super nice and effortlessly funny.”

Wendell & Vinnie creator Jay Kogen has known Kudrow since the two of them were in junior high school, and they finally had the opportunity to work together when Kogen wrote this guest role for the Friends alum. In tonight’s episode, Kudrow plays Natasha, a rival memorabilia collector to Vinnie. When the two collectors fight over a movie prop at a storage unit auction, Vinnie gets his young nephew Wendell to tell a lie to the prop’s owner about how much the prop and the movie it’s in means to him. Wendell — a well-behaved kid who’s much more mature than his goofball uncle — wants Vinnie to realize that he shouldn’t make him lie, so to get his uncle’s attention, he sells a prized possession of Vinnie’s to Natasha.


'Wendell & Vinnie' stars impersonate 'Friends' with Lisa Kudrow in new promo -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Lisa Kudrow wrapped the final episode of Friends about nine years ago, and she’s now making her first return to multi-camera, studio audience TV since then, with her episode of Nickelodeon’s Wendell & Vinnie next week.

Kudrow’s involvement in the show was an opportunity to work with her close friend showrunner Jay Kogen, who she’s known since junior high school. She plays Natasha, a rival memorabilia collector to Vinnie (iCarly‘s Jerry Trainor). READ FULL STORY

Lisa Kudrow to guest on Nick's 'Wendell & Vinnie': EXCLUSIVE

Another of your favorite Friends is hitting the small screen again.

EW has learned that Lisa Kudrow will guest star on Nickelodeon’s new series Wendell & Vinnie later this year. The show, which premiered in February, is about carefree 30-year-old memorabilia store owner Vinnie (iCarly fave Jerry Trainor) whose life is turned upside down when he unexpectedly becomes the guardian of The World’s Most Mature 12-year-old, Wendell (Buddy Handleson). Unexpected hijinks with this newfound odd couple naturally ensue.

Kudrow’s episode, in which she’ll play a rival collectibles owner out for a piece of Star Trek memorabilia (DATA eyes) that Vinnie wants to snag for his store, will air sometime this fall. UPDATE: Also guest starring that episode: Brent Spiner (Star Trek’s Data). Other guest stars this season include Dan Castellaneta (The Simpsons), Robin Givens (House of Payne), and Willie Garson (Sex and the City).

Read more:
‘iCarly’ star Jerry Trainor’s EW Pop Culture Personality Test‘iCarly’ alum Jerry Trainor stars in new Nick at Nite comedy ‘Wendell & Vinnie’ — EXCLUSIVE VIDEO
Nickelodeon’s 2013-2014 plan: More focus on those post-millenials (new ‘Dora’ spinoff and more) and keep the funny going

Nickelodeon's 2013-2014 plan: More focus on those post-millenials (new 'Dora' spinoff and more) and keep the funny going

Ben Hider/Nickelodeon

Nickelodeon may be getting older (it’s 33!), but its powers-that-be have a laser focus on the young market. At the network’s 2013 upfronts yesterday, Nickelodeon Group President Cyma Zarghami played up research that showed kids eight and younger have an intense connection to their sense of humor. And the Viacom-owned network intends to feed that need with new preschool programing and a slate of new animated and live-action shows.

“We have reorganized our development process in a way that allows us to make content smarter and faster than ever before, tailored specifically for this first generation of post-millennial kids,” Zarghami said. “Our research tells us that for them funny is a badge of honor, and because funny is in Nickelodeon’s core DNA, we believe our position will ensure our success with them.” READ FULL STORY

'iCarly' alum Jerry Trainor stars in new Nick at Nite comedy 'Wendell & Vinnie' -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Have your kids — or even you (we won’t tell!) — had a spaghetti taco-shaped hole in their hearts since iCarly went off the air in November?

If so, this clip might help ease your pain. It’s a new promo for Wendell & Vinnie, an upcoming Nick at Nite comedy that stars Jerry Trainor — a.k.a. Carly’s wacky older brother Spencer — as Vinnie, a manchild who is forced to grow up when he becomes the guardian of his 12-year-old nephew Wendell (Buddy Handleson of Shake It Up). Think of it as The Odd Couple meets Big Daddy, or a Judd Apatow movie revamped for a family network.


'iCarly' star Jerry Trainor's EW Pop Culture Personality Test

Williams & Hirakawa

With his role as Spencer, the wacky brother on iCarly, coming to an end during the show’s sixth and final season and a new starring role in Nick at Nite’s Wendell & Vinnie set to begin next year, it’s an interesting time to catch up with actor Jerry Trainor. (iCarly returns tonight with a much touted episode guest-starring Jimmy Fallon.) “It’s bittersweet that iCarly‘s ending. It was such a tight family. And I watched the kids grow up. I knew Miranda [Cosgrove] since Drake and Josh days. So, you know, when we shot the final episode it was hard to get through some of those scenes…. Lots of waterworks. All from me. I’m a big baby. Everybody else was like ‘Keep it together, old man.'”

He promises lots of cameos in this final season, including ones from Tina Fey, Emma Stone, and the Pawn Stars folk (those last ones in an episode directed by the Groundlings-trained Trainor). And while he won’t spill about the finale (only that it’s “very much a farewell and it is awesome”), he did tell us some other things we want to know. Such as…

EW: Do you scream in real-life as much as you do on iCarly?

JT: [Sheepishly] Yes. I do. It’s more for emphasis. But I try to keep it targeted. Like I’ll just be sitting here talking to you and go ‘NICE NECKLACE!’ Then you know… that’s a nice necklace.

Um, thank you. Were you always a yeller? I thought it might have been something engrained in you from your years on iCarly.

It’s definitely become second nature. But I was always what you’d call an amplified person.


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